Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I've Had Worse. Tis a Mere Flesh Wound.

So remember how I had that QD tournament and damaged some relatively crucial (lol) structures in my knee? My guess was patellar dislocation and at least partial LCL tear. I guess I'm pretty convincing, because everyone who checked me out just tested those things and figured I was right, but it was probably more severe than previously estimated.

Thanks to my connects at BYU, I got an MRI and an Xray super fast on Monday. Skipped all my classes, but I still got brownies from Rob (as promised). Turns out I tore my ACL, dislocated my patellar (tearing my MPFL and chipping the back of my patella), fractured the lateral condyle of my femur, and severely bruised my tibial plateau. If you were wondering. Surgery is on Thursday.

This is really happening, people.
In an effort to decrease muscle atrophy by upwards of 20%, I've been hitting the rehab pretty hard. In an effort to fend of the crippling depression, I've been hitting up the Roney's pool for some cardio and forcing myself to hang out with friends, who somehow tolerate my saltiness.

This kid kept taking my picture when
I was trying to rehab. Chump.
Between doctor's visits, Hannibal and I went out for burgers and ice cream. I like her a lot. She's a great friend and a wonderful mother.

Taylor, Alexis, Tyler, and I went out for late-night snacks. Which I left before we got to the cliff-edge relationship talks in favor of an early bed time. I hope they all make the MLQ team and visit me in Phoenix for their tournament.

I officially accepted my job there, btw. Holla back. It feels good to have a plan. And he just laughed at my injury and said I could do rehab with all our ACL patients. Wonderful.

Chris, Anne, and I went to Emily's birthday/grad party. We ate ice cream and smashed a piñata and were very sassy. We introduced Chris to Lonely Island's "Threw it on the Ground". Then got some more food at Wendy's. I like these people.
We needed some small children to pick up the rest of the candy for us.

Greg, Hannah, and I went to Tucanos for my birthday meal. The waitstaff was subpar, but the food was good. We even got a chocolate cake to go. Because now that I can't really exercise, Hannah can make me fatter than her.

Then Hannah and I went to swim. It was nice, the cardio. It makes my heart (physical) happy and my heart (emotional) happy. Didn't even pee once.

I probably did something Friday, but I can't remember besides rehab. I probably changed between watching New Girl, trying to study, and washing dishes in our mess of a maison. Studying is hard though.
Me, fending off the crippling depression.
Saturday I swam again with Brandi, a colleague and fellow ACL surgery candidate. She's up on the table on Tuesday. PRones was actually there and we broke his gate. JK it wasn't us.

Greg and I went food shopping and I fulfilled my dream of getting a dipped Macey's ice cream cone and riding one of those electronic carts. Which were not made for a Naomi-amount of groceries.

In all her glory.

I played Hand and Foot with the ladies. Mandy and I crushed by 4K+ and didn't even cheat. Which is surprising. For me. We also ate lots of chocolate and said what we needed to say.

Sunday I went to Trey's ward at 9 so that I could go to his game day at 12:30 so that I could meet his GF. Convoluted, yes. Luckily for me, the delightful Jacob Pettingill (and all his friends that I know from balling out with them) are in that ward as well. We hung out and learned about pornography and had a grand old time.

Then I finally met the GF (after 3h of being at church with her??) when we played Protect Your Assets. Which I didn't like because people kept stealing my stuff and Trey got really salty about me cheating. Whatever. Do you even know me? Lol.

Finals are gonna suck. But they'll be done by Tuesday at 1.

My face when they told me I was actually injured.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Birthday Extravaganza: I'm 24.

Remember how I'm the biggest mooch ever? Well Brady and I decided our motto as Athletic Trainers is Never Satisfied. And that's why we convinced our lovely massage therapists (Steph & Viv) to make us Navajo Tacos. If you've never had them, you need to.

I finished both my physics labs and had an exit interview. The Senioritis is real. I don't know how exams are going to go... Luckily I only have two of them.

My chemistry TA didn't think this was as funny as I did. Too bad.
I went to a Senior Career Bootcamp with the Life Science department. By that I mean I did my HW on campus for two hours in exchange for a box of Dominos pizza and a t shirt.

Dallin, Andrew, and I did our "high-stakes" proposal for our writing class. It was actually kind of risky because I didn't think the parameters our professor made were very applicable to our future professions, so we went a little outside the box. She loved it. And our matching BYU polos.

The EXSC department had a luncheon for graduating students. And the food was awesome. True to our form, there was a very succinct presentation of awards, lots of chatting amongst tables, and as much food as you can eat.

I dedicate this joke to all my friends who've long since passed their 70th birthdays.
I went to the temple. I like the temple. It helps me clear my thoughts and relax the frustration I get from school and people and whatever else.

Taylor & I ordered Chips. This is a late-night snack company that delivers 4 giant cookies and a liter of ice-cold milk right to your door between the hours of 8pm and 2am. It will be happening again.

Good times. 

I got my first pedicure ever, as per the recommendation of the entire football team. It was nice. Rachel May and I got to catch up on our lives and I already messed up my nail polish. What did I expect.

Lauren and I went to the most wonderful dinner ever at the Roof. The entire place was like a breath of fresh air. The food was to die for and endless. Our table was right next to the window with a breathtaking view. The whole atmosphere was just lovely and relaxing and wonderful. And, of course, the company was delightful. Best birthday ever.

Real perfection though. Words cannot express.

Saturday we had our quidditch tournament, Clash of the Wasatch. We mixed up teams with the other 3 UT teams. Nate Western picked me 4th round for whatever reason for the pink team, which I made him switch to green. The sass is real.

Just a convo between me and Nate Western.

It was going really well until 5 minutes in, I tore my LCL. Among maybe other things. Then I just hung out and cheered on my team and acted as a medic. We had a few concussions and an ankle, but nothing crazy. I made Matt come check me out and then he played on my team for me.

We got lunch at Matt's ward activity and came back for more games. It was a fun day, but I felt weird sitting out and crutching around. I think it'll hit me Monday...

Brennan found this picture of me on the website for BYU minors. 
After the tournament, Jacob came over for a bit and we did our HW outside. It was nice. He's a lovely human and I like chatting with him. Even if he doesn't go to basketball. Or make guacamole.

Matt picked me up so we could go to the QD after party at Evan's pool. It was nice. I still felt weird that I couldn't do anything, but it was nice to hang out with everyone.

Hannah stayed home so she could clean our room all day. We watched Remember the Titans and I fell asleep to one of the best movies ever.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jesus and THEN Jésus

School. I finished all the modules from my BOC prep class in two days. A bunch of my classes were cancelled on Monday and this end of semester isn't looking too bad. My 108 TA, French Trevor, brought milk and cookies to our lab, as promised. 

Thermal camera in Physics Lab. 
Sports. Wednesday basketball with the engineering club continues to amuse. Taylor is my favorite because he has the best movie quotes. Football was way fun, followed by QD. That's a lot of physical contact and I have bruises to show it. We made some new friends, Tanner and Tubbs and Jeremy, who stayed for both with us. 

Here's one of my arms...
Friends. Taylor and I hung out a few times to vent. Then a few more times to chill. We went to Applebee's with Alexis and Tyler once and had a delightful waiter named John. 

FB Training room is still going strong. 
Events. Cheese night was delightful (only reason to join the French Club). I met a Frenchman named Tristan who is funny and sassy, but as usual, shocked at my forwardness. He told me that in France, if you tease people, it is because you are very affectionate with them. I asked when he wanted to make it official.

Gross, but everyone needs to see this man/woman/other CATEGLORIA of gender.
The QD team chilled at Evan's pool for our superlatives end of year party. It was a blast- and how could it not be, with a water slide, rope swing, pizza, and hot tub??

The AT Club did our Senior Sendoff and we kept it succinct. Just how I like it. I now have a medal for my championism in taping contests. And a large tray of brownies.

"You can retake a class, but you can't retake a party." -Carolyn
Highlights. Greg took me to make good use of the warranties on my phone case and Fitbit. I chatted with the man and myth Grampy and he was on one. Probably because someone reminded him about his birthday this week. Rookie mistake. And I started reading again, which I love, but doesn't bode well for my HW. Oh well. Not even mad.
Church life with the Nike SBs.