Sunday, October 16, 2016

Someone's Gotta Do It

La Galare continues. And by that I mean a variety of "midterms", aka stage one exams and projects. Give it another six days and we'll be into stage 2. Monday, after I finished five hours worth of normal HW, I studied for my Ortho exam and got a small break to play some bball with my ward and my old wardies. And I learned that one of the regulars is not, and has never been, in our ward. His sisters are though, so it's cool.
If you were unsure who to vote for. 

Tuesday, after six hours of classes (plus several hours of clinicals, obv), I took the Ortho exam and didn't do too badly. I also turned in a five page French paper and did some more HW.

President Greggy. Holding family reunions at the White House. 

Wednesday I finished a major group project for my Admin class. Then I was mostly done.

A less good choice, which is why he's VP. 
Thursday I got the best basketball group - we were playing fours and I got Seth, Jason, and another kid whose name I forgot but is really fast. It was lovely because we're all decent shots / layuppers, and we actually work as a team - passing and picks and the like. Delightful.

Got this on my email. Couldn't resist. 
Hannah and I went to Institute and the teacher asked us for story topic recommendations. We offered up knights and poop. And he delivered. MVP. The ice cream afterwards was good too.

My guy Kay with his candy necklaces. 

Friday was a day of preparation. By that I mean, I was doing a lot of HW in advance, knowing that I will have little time to get it done in the future. Oh, also good news - I aced the French essay section of my exam 100%. Holla back.

My friend Joshie Boy sends me snaps of myself.
One day, I'll be smiling. 
The game. That took the entire day Friday. But even though the game was agonizing, the players and I had fun on the sidelines - dancing and pushing each other around and yelling in each others' ears. After a lack of football exposure for a majority of my life, I've decided I quite enjoy it. Although the field is a much better place to watch than the stands.

Post-field storming. #Gottacatchjamaal 

Saturday, after studying for the GRE, which I took Sunday morning. Aced it. Well, medium aced it. I could have done better, but comparatively I did very well. Didn't even finish the math section all the way.
Me, pre-GRE this morning. This is as good as it gets. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Come At Me, Bro

Happy removal day to one son of a nugget. We had the biggest celebration since his kindergarten birthday party - balloons, cake-shoving, and all. Plus we all got to watch conference together and steal Derek's old stuff. It was a good day.

Our ward reserves a court to play basketball every Monday. This week, we started off by playing the winning team of the ward before us with the first five that showed up, including two kids I'd never played with before. I hate them. They never passed me the ball, no matter how open I was, so I got pretty heated....Then I played against them and crushed heads. Hard.

Later, Hannah and I were talking about how sometimes people set screens on us and we just lower our shoulders and plow through them like they don't exist. Which is fun, just not necessarily basketball. Then we realized we learned to play from the Chin, who played football in college. Go figure.

My team lost our intramural game by 2, after one of our teammates subluxed her patella and tore her ACL and both menisci. Yikes.

I always joke with the teacher of my Wednesday night class that it's either canceled or that he's bringing snacks. He said, if you start the snacks, we can do it. So I brought a couple dozen donuts (half-off, thanks to Pocket Points) and the fun began.

Thursday was Milktoberfest, where the library gives out free chocolate milk at select times. But apparently it's only a total of 200 milks, which is ridiculous in a school of 40K. I was 10 short of my chocolate milk, but I did get a cookie and to hang out with my friend Weston.

Also found this bug in my room.
This is the week when all my classes are freaking out. Luckily, the football game was away, so it gave me some free time. But still, the end of the week was crazy, trying to get ahead so I actually have time for stuff. Thursday, I took an online French test that took the entire allotted 2 hours (because my essay was so good). Then ran to a review for Orthopedic Impairments. Friday I spent all morning writing the first half of my French paper, getting it edited, and going to another useless guidance appointment. Then I kept writing and studying for various tests and taking online quizzes until 6, when I met up with Greg for Divine Comedy's "Hill-or-Trump" parody of Hamilton.

In his natural habitat.
We played an hour of Uno with a strange girl, a mission friend, and some crazy kids that kept calling Greg a macaroni brain while we were in line. The show was okay. Highlights: A tribute to Harambe. The fat guy and anything he did. Quote: You're like a frog. That's a compliment! They have very powerful legs and large eyes! And, obviously the finale is why I went. And the fat guy played Trump and was excellent and the black guy did a great Obama impression.

Dream Tree House. Found while running.
Saturday I woke up early so I could run 9 miles, which was surprisingly fun, although my knees were hurty. Then we had a birthday celebration at Tucanos with some flavorless waiters. Tom was the best one and after we told him that, we got some excellent service. I finished my French paper during the football game that we won. I studied for Ortho and took a test and tried to stay motivated. I cleaned my room and did laundry.

HBD, DJ Saggy Booty!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Spoopy Start

Have you ever heard of iceblocking? My FHE went Monday and it was pretty fun. Apparently you go to the gas station and get ice blocks a little smaller than a cinder block for pretty cheap. You put a towel on top, sit on it, and slide down the hill. It’s way fun. (FHE followed, per usual, by some ward bball that was way fun.)

I felt like this week was super crammed – mainly because I’m trying to figure out my life and grad school and HW and football and study for tests and not end up on a motorcycle pulling a trailer of my belongings with nothing but the open road in front of me. We’ll see what happens.

The French club voted for our t-shirt design. I actually entered. And lost by one vote. Guess who didn’t vote? Derek. Greg. Hannah. My own siblings betrayed me.

At the mission reunion, I had at least 3 fake husbands: two for comic relief and one to get our food faster. I’m just glad PRoney didn’t call us out on it. I forgot how much I liked him. And all of my mission friends. Although there were a lot of babies I didn’t recognize.

Mission Mom & Sisters.

Friday is my one free day, so every exam I have, I hope it’s open on Fridays. I took a “Problems in Exercise Prescription” exam this week and it wasn’t bad at all. I also feel like I know way too much already from my Ex Phys class.

The game Friday night was super fun. We were fed delicious food and I got to hang out with some delightful players on the sideline while we were waiting for warmups to start. Then I got to hang out with them all when the game started. I really do like my job. If only ESPN gave us better TV times, then I could go to bed earlier.

Saturday I had to wake up for conference and maple bars. Then I immediately took advantage of Greg’s new car and we all drove to my friend Carolyn’s house in Highland. Her wonderful family fed us, the apostles took care of spiritual hunger, and we laughed and wrestled all the day long.

The Kevmeister hisself.

During PH, I hung out with my Elms BFFS – Emarie, Lyndsie, Sarah, and India. Remember them? We ate sushi as recommended by a knowledgeable bearded man, grabbed some ice cream, and hooked some free swag from a dress store. We talked and talked and talked until I was so tired. (So, like, 8 o’clock.)

Sunday I watched conference again. In between, we all collaborated to finish up our first edition of Guilt. (Like indoor plumbing-it’s gonna be good.) Joy kept us nice and fed, we kept each other plenty distracted, and Hannah helped hit Derek’s chin super hard on the cake platter when he was taking THE BITE. We wished the scruffy nugmuffin a happy removal anniversary and stole all his stuff.