Sunday, February 7, 2016


This week was definitely in the running for the best of my life. Everything about it was so sweet and fulfilling. I mean, I started it off by giving a talk, having an inter-meeting, snowball fight, and then teaching a lesson. I edited a movie in between getting home taught, visit, taught, and having a jam session with my bros.

Monday started off with lots of snow and a great weights class. Did you know that most of your strength gains in the first 6-8 weeks are due to neuromuscular adaptions? Basically, you see tremendous gains right away because your body is just learning how to do those exercises more efficiently. After that, it actually starts to build muscle.

Werewolf. We played a new version where there are a lot more roles and dead people never reveal who they are. It ended up with four people left: Nate (werewolf), John (bus driver, switches 2 people's fates), Cam (witch, 1 live potion, 1 die potion), and Matt (stonemason, he an another stonemason can just vouch for each other). They voted to kill off Nate, but kept playing through the night. Morning comes and nobody died and Cam claims that it's because he used his live potion on Matt, so he wouldn't get killed by the werewolf, aka John (the only other player). So Matt hastily voted to kill John. Cam = MVP.

I had a dream that I was driving down the highway and an army of cognicent zombies attacked from the sides and massacred everyone. I kept replaying it, doing different things to try to survive. Sometimes they left me alive out of pity, but they beat me up pretty bad first.

Tuesday at clinicals, a boy got hit in the face and was spraying blood everywhere. Being the only AT in the gym, I got to handle it. It was super fun. He's fine. Spike, the coach, helped clean up the blood and was still washing his hands when the refs decided to start the game. Yikes. Force chokes for dayyysss.
All the recessive genes...
Corbin came over to help film a movie for Emarie's bachelorette party. It was a wonderful time. He's dang funny and super delightful.

Wednesday I ended up skipping my weights class. Worst decision. I felt off all day. But my Rehab exam seemed to go well. I also went to a review for another exam and waffle night (for free waffles).

Thursday I took an Ex Phys exam and Anatomy quiz. I also got to go to the temple open house with President Roney, Grampy, Mimi, Ben, Greg, and Steve Lund. I love them all. What an absolute delight.

Time was short, as I then had to run to clinicals. And then run to a lab. And then run to Emarie's bachelorette party. I got to hang out with Abby Luthi, KPape, and Malika. We ate delicious food and watched this terrifying video that we made. View at your own discretion.

Friday I had a quiz in my anatomy lab on the brachial plexus. This picture looks easy compared to how it looks in an actual body.

Also, it's upside-down.

Patty, our clinical instructor, was covering an event in St. George for the day, so we only had Substitute Patty, a certified AT who doesn't work as an AT. A girl got a concussion and started seizing and we had to call the hospital. She should be fine - CT came back negative and all signs were pretty typical of concussions, so I'm not too worried. (Substitute Patty was freaking out, though.) It was a cool experience for me. Also a girl brought me a bag of goldfish.

On another note, in my favorite area of my mission, Cannes, there was a large extended family that all lived together and were rock stars. Their relatives live in UT and their daughter played against our varsity team, Cloe Gentil. We chatted a bit and she complimented my accent. I'm sure I'll see her again when her extended family comes out to visit in Aout. :)

Matt and I were so tired after a long and eventful day. We kind of wanted to relax, and I really wanted popcorn, and then we remembered that Josh the Saucy Tart was having a game night chez lui. So I made popcorn for days and joined in the middle of a game of werewolf, where I correctly ID'd the werewolf first time, but was also killed off immediately. (But so was the werewolf - martyr for the cause?). The popcorn was a hit. Matt, Benson, and I finished off one giant bowl by ourselves and left everyone else to finish theirs.

It was decided that there are five levels to female anger:
1. Flirty
2. Irked, but still OK
3. Slightly upset
4. Angry
5. The gates of Hell are open
We went to Burger Supreme for $2 burgers with about 15 people. There was another large group that started cheering at one point, so we joined along, heartily. About twenty minutes later, everyone started singing happy birthday to ME, and a girl from the other group brought me a slice of her chocolate cake. Then we started watching The 100 Foot Journey, about an Indian family that moves to France (LOVE) and starts a restaurant.

Saturday I woke up so I could do some MRI's for a research study. Which I just found out I will actually be paid for. Yes!

A bunch of us went sledding. Jamon brought a girl from his mission whose brother, it turns out, will soon be marrying my mission BFF, Jordan Jones. This girl, Nikki, is from TX and had never been sledding before. She's fun. We had a snowball fight, threw rocks at the water tower, and laughed at all the blossoming romance.

Greg came over to help me film a movie. In the movie, he just cooks food. So I also got dinner out of it. (Not mad).

I caught up with Alisa Hulme. She taught me how to curl my hair so I can woo tall men. Now picture me whistling and waving my hand. 

I started re-writing Trevor's BOOST Rap. It's going well.

Today I started gaining recruits from the other RS. It's also going well. Half their presidency is planning to side with us when a physical battle breaks out. That half is also cripple, but we'll take what we can get. Today was full of the Spirit - great prelude music, testimonies of Christ, temple prep, and ward mission plan. Loved it. All the women who so desired were given tickets to take a special tour of the bridal room (not part of the regular tour) at the Provo City Temple. After verifying Roney's presence, I went. And brought him cookies and milk. Which he can share with Steve Lund, but only if he wants.

Righteous women at the temple.
I'm in the back left, if you're wondering.
I thought maybe Mimi would be proud of me for this. I kind of curled my hair today. I wore a pink shirt and a skirt. I made cookies while wearing an apron. And I updated my blog. Look at me, acting all girly and stuff. (Gentlemen....)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

What'd You Do This Week, Kiss Ten Boys??

Lynds & Josh, from FHE.
When they stole my phone.
I feel like this week was chalk-full of adventure, but very little about which I feel I should write. We'll start with Monday. Derek actually took me to the store, so I have lots of delicious food in my house now. I like that about me. I was fashionably late to FHE (although just in time for rootbeer floats), and we were just breaking the ice by voicing our secret obsessions. My whole apartment and our brothers in Zion know me very well, so they just presented me, leaving me with little left to say.

Family History story of the week - Dad always made sure our first solid foods were rootbeer floats. Hence the inordinate amount of pleasure taken from the treat.

Those who felt inclined remained behind to play some Ninja and Werewolf. (Where, as predicted, I was the wolf, Lynds was the witch, and Benson was the Russian peasant girl). And we watched Antman. Again. I don't know about you, but I'm more of a Neocubist kind of gal.
Tuesday's forum was unusually enjoyable. Liz Wiseman spoke on leadership and how when we are unqualified for a job, we tend to execute it more efficiently and effectively because we are forced to put more effort into the preparations. I like that. Being under qualified and overly successful.

How did she know??

Waffle Wednesdays. 'Nuff said.

Lauren came over for yummy bars and got her belated birthday present. Which she guessed in advanced. It was one of about 45 guesses, so pretty decent odds. She also provided excellent insight for my lesson on visiting teaching.

Family History story of the week - I really became friends with Lauren when I was called as her visiting teacher because I called her or saw her every day to make sure she wasn't dead. And if she didn't answer, I would call her mom.

Our basketball team played the soccer team. And crushed them. We're looking pretty good now that I know how to score and our guards know how to work together. One girl, Katie, told me she isn't a great shot, so she looks to me every time. Not mad.

Matt and I had a project we were working on together, so I went over to bring him his part and ended up staying with their apartment and watching YouTube videos until the wee hours of the night. I like having more time for fun. (As opposed to 18h of school + 30h of clinicals + 5h of calling + however many hours of work.)

Friday, Matt and I were so miserable because we had class 7-12, a one hour break, and potentially clinicals from 1-midnight. But in our one hour break, a heavenly message of love came in the form of Benson with some extra pizza. Seriously, highlight of our day. Then we only had to spend nine hours at clinicals instead of eleven, so we made it to the end of our water polo game (which we won).

This is me looking in Matt's ear. We spend every waking hour
together, so it's a good thing we're friends. Otherwise it might
be weird if I palpated his face. 
Saturday, I went to a Hilary Weeks morningside with free waffles afterwards. She talked about having a firm foundation through scriptures and not fearing. I used this as an opportunity to poll the RS public for a game of Family Feud played during my RS lesson on Sunday.

Terrifying. Shoulda run while you had the chance.
My guys, Lyndsey, and I filmed a movie. I can't tell you about it yet, but rest assured that you will see it. And it is terrifying. Benson jokingly pretended to run away when I texted him to prepare himself. Then later wished he had. What good sports! Lynds and I treated us all to chips and salsa and guac afterwards. We all just laid on the floor, exhausted and full.

After some preliminary editing, I made Cole Fox pick me up for a mini mission reunion with my favorite foreigners, Taua and Carre. The real incentive was the crepes, however. Delicious.

Always the good sport, Spider-Cam. 

Today I was the star of church. I feel like this always happens; it's always all or nothing. But I enjoy it. I spoke about Jesus Christ and fasting. And one of the speakers forgot to come to church, so I talked for dayyssss. Brent said I did a good job at alternating ridiculosity with spirituality. I liked that. I figure I'm not so good at keeping the spirit, but maybe I can keep people awake. (Which didn't super work, since Matt fell asleep. If I had known, I would've made him stand up and do jumping jacks. Probably a good thing I didn't notice...)

After a wonderful SS on how to manage finances in relationships, I taught RS. The stories and family feud were a success. There was great discussion. And we had Brandon from the EQ come and give his perspective on things. It felt like a successful day. I was spiritually drained afterwards.

So much laughing. Matt also played his part well. 
My HTs came. My VTs came. I edited some more and joined my guys for a jam session. They are all super talented. Jamon was on cello, Cam had the accordion, Benson was guitar, and Josh was on piano. I alternated between uke and guitar, depending on the chords of the song. And we all sang. It was terribly fun.
And another picture by my favorite artist, T Sizzle. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Manny the Plumber

Once, my sixth grade teacher, Ms. Hartz, assigned us each a clipping from the classifieds in the newspapers. We had to write a poem about our clipping. I won.

Manny the Plumber:
Number One in the Number Two Business

He was a plumber; Manny was his name,
He was 58 years old and toilets were his game.

Manny was a plumber: the best one in the town,
When people’s poop got stuck, Manny shoved it down.

Manny did heat installations when people’s bathrooms got cold:
He warmed it up again, for people young and old.

Manny also did repairs, the best ones in the biz,
All these are parts of his job at which he was a whiz.