Sunday, June 28, 2015

Don't Hide Your Butt Under A Bushel

Fun fact about adult jobs: It’s kind of hard to get out of it if you work with someone you don’t especially enjoy. In kid life, you change classes or wards or jobs fairly regularly, so you always have this hope that you won’t have to work with them again. Real life jobs are a bit more permanent.
Project Naomidis has been rapidly expanding and we needed to pick me up an underling. Since about 60% of Pfizer’s projects have been cut recently, we easily found an extra guy. Was that guy annoying, degrading, and socially inept? Maybe. But for the sake of my friends Andy and Alex (who are permanent employees), I’ve been trying to occupy his time.
Among the mandatory (optional) mandatory meetings I attended this week, I loved the one on Innovation. The speakers were charismatic, positive, and entertaining. And thanks to some post-meeting emails, things are in the works for Pfizer Pfest 2016.
Hannah’s last night with us happened to fall on guac night. Hannah also had to get out the last of her cooking vibes, so she also made a casserole and cookies. Meaning I ate happy that night and for the rest of the week. I even brought in some extra avocados and made fresh gourmet guacamole for my intern friend, Maddie.
“I’m the Renegade” (close quote). Thursday was wrapped up by a rather ridiculous playing of Bang! I think I’ve played a little too much Totally Insane, judging by the amount of cheating I supposed was acceptable. Greg was not a fan. He was also mad that I actually ended up as the Renegade because I kept saying I was and playing the song “Renegades” by X Ambassador as my theme song.
In matters of domesticity, Greg made a bean dip. Also, I made a painting. And I finished sewing a skirt that I started upon my return from my mission. Look at me, being a woman.
Friday we made it to the temple for the six o’clock. I love being in the temple with my family. Except when Greg and I get asked to be the witness couple. The real world equivalent might be getting on the kissing cam with your brother. Awks. After the session, we did some sealings with Grampy and one other brother joined us. Grampy kept butchering his name and finally said, I’m going to get this right Koh-fee. I got it wrong, didn’t I? Love that guy.
Other people I love. President Haight. He’s a delightful human. Brother Christensen. Very elegant and poised. And President Packer. What a great mission president. He really took advantage of his resources and made some innovative changes. He’s also such a loving individual. I especially love watching him with his mentally challenged daughter. He just loves her so much, it’s incredible. We’re going to miss him.
The YSA Ward on Sunday featured the Hutchins family. I had the RS lesson, Dad just talked a lot during Sunday School, and Greg spoke during Sacrament meeting along with President Monson. Both wonderful talks. I sat next to Sister Monson who I think wants me to marry her son David, even though she knows we’re sworn enemies.
We ended the week off right by escorting our three munchkin siblings to Mimi and Grampy’s house for the week while our parents are in England and France (and they didn’t even invite me). Who doesn’t enjoy a good taco dinner, as supplied by Jenny and Rachel? And we sat in on both Grampy’s HT lesson and Aaron’s sister missionary visit. We played a game where we pulled a name of another person there and wrote down 1 thing we wanted them to do. The twist was that we had to then do that thing for that person instead. Funny examples include Sara asking her dad to pay for college and Lavinia asking me to get married. Quelle tromperie!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekly Roundup

Number of people I've threatened
to kill for delaying me. 
That's my girl. 
Musical Monday: I worked on my Trevor-boosting rap and Lavinia produced a stunning rendition of Malaguena at her piano recital. People kept asking why I hadn't graduated yet and the punch was sub-par and lacking sherbet, so we made a hasty exit.

Tuesday Boozeday: People at work keep trying to ruin my life. There's a queue line for my disso apparatus. Interns have optional educational meetings we can attend and I got chewed out multiple times for not going to the one this week. One of the new interns keeps distracting me with her chattiness. It's like they're trying to stop my progression. I'm handling it.
There they are. The R.M.s 

Wednesday Friendsday: Greg got back from his mission. Since his BFF and our neighbor is also my fellow Pfizer intern, I hit him up and organized an outing. We went to the Pfizer BBQ with Greg, Collin, Hannah, and myself. Basically, we snatched up some food and departed.

Thirsty Thursday: We had a meeting I was actually looking forward to- there was no sharing of information, only food, chatting with my friends, and I was wearing shorts and a t shirt.
Trevor and I hit up the gym for some ball, bringing the family along. We ended with a game of PIG, where Greg pulled out a somersault, roll around on the floor, spin as fast as you can, between the legs granny shot from half court. Why did we invite him.
This is also the day that we had a killer morning arm workout. I haven't been able to move my upper body since.
And the evening ended with dad on the piano and Greg/Hannah/Kevin/I attempting to sing different parts of hymns. We're calling the new band 6andUP since you have to be at least 6' to be in the group.

Friday Dieday: We went to the hospital all morning. Let it be known that I was the only one that had to get a needle in the arm. I am also the only one who hates people touching their elbow pit. At some point, the tubing popped open and blood and saline solution went everywhere.
Then dad refused to go on a food run so I was starving the whole day. Then we saw some creepy clowns. Then a guy hit on Hannah and we were all nice until he said her cartoon drawings looked like photographs. Then while I was waiting for my EKG, I had to meet the social worker who ended our short visit by asking if I needed anything. True to form, food was my only answer. She came back for me with a stolen lunch tray. Ask and ye shall receive....
I rushed back to work for a meeting with Bruce and a workout at the gym. I may or may not have followed my French friend around, but it was accidental.

Swimming Saturday: We took a trip up to Northborough to hang out with the grandparents and cousins and Aaron. Here's a conversation excerpt: Me: David Monson is my worst enemy because he tries to steal all my friends. Mimi: What friends? Ouch. Xander is now being called the White Crayon. That was my first time recreationally swimming since my mission. It was frigid, but worth it. My farmer's tan lines are pretty clear, especially after that blistering sunburn I had a few weeks back. The food was great, the company was better, and the best is that they all came down for Sunday revelries as well.

Sunday Funday: Greg spoke at church. Highlights: Greg said a guy was dead and Grampy starts cracking up. Also, afterwards, Grampy says Jesus hasn't saved you or Greg from loneliness yet, since neither of you are married. Thanks, Grampy. Merciless with these marriage jokes. You won't get me that easily.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Back when I was trying not to make any new friends at BYU, there was a guy who came up to me one Sunday and said, Hey, I saw you at the temple on Friday. I guess I fist-bumped him, said Yeah, righteous! and walked away. We ended up becoming friends later and he reminded me of that and I laughed so hard. But after going to stake temple day last week and stake conference this week, I ended up doing that same thing to a lot of people. Shoutout out to this guy, Hunter. I left work early and got back late and didn't even get any steak, but I'd do it again. Thanks for sharing your temple experience with me among other things (intramural championship, awkward game night where people still think we're dating...). Love you, cuz.
Photo cred to Sister Bach. 
Since this week was Stake Conference, El Presidente decided to skip work on Thursday to prepare. He said it was because he didn't have meetings on Thursday, I say it was because our workout class had a bootcamp day scheduled. So I put on his man pants and did at least four thousand pushups by myself. 
He did also go to lunch with Aaron for his birthday. Joyeux anniversaire, my French uncle. And speaking of French, ever since I found out Alex, a guy on my floor, is French, I've been speaking to myself more and more often in French. I went to the temple in French. I listened to all my French music. I even wrote a bunch of French friends. I have yet to ambush him, but I've been pretty busy changing the face of Pfizer as we know it.
Saw this driving up to Boston. Classic. 
First of all, lunch conversation is improving. We talked all about basketball and athletes at least one day this week and I was the genius on the matter. Apparently none of the other interns play sports, which is a real shame. Andy plays sports, but he also laughed when I said the Emperor's New Groove was my favorite movie. And Bruce, my boss, had never seen it, so I lent him our VHS version so he can be properly enlightened. John, another colleague, is apparently obsessed with fluff, and found out another intern had never had a proper fluffernutter. I convinced him to change that by bringing the fixings into work one day: Marshmallow fluff, Skippy crunchy PB, and wonder bread. On top of all that, I got two people to yell greetings to me down the hall. Queue energy increase. 
You kidding me? This is hand-
carved mahogany! -Kronk
Having lunch with newspaper-reading old guys does teach me some stuff though. For example, did you know that Saturday was CT's Open House day? Hm. Nor did I, despite having lived here for twenty years. One celebrates this illustrious holiday by visiting museums and businesses with discounts. The Chocolate Train was the number one hit on our list, but it was a little too far away from the other stuff we wanted to do, so we're saving that for later. Turns out that was a good decision, because during our adventuring, we found out about a whole chocolate trail up in that area. Welcome to my summer. Hannah said she at least wanted to visit a mansion, so I made sure we stopped at Laurelton Hall. No secret passages, but plenty of secret passages, tiny closets, and window seats. We also ate at an Athenian restaurant, did some seriously discounted shopping, got ice cream, and went into PetCo without buying any pets. Then I went to Stake Conference: Adult Version with my parents. Turned out to be a bad decision because then they ruined my life by making me wait two hours after the meeting so I could finally go to bed. Scoo me, my bed time is at 9pm. Handle it. 

Thar she blows-Laurelton Hall.