Sunday, June 17, 2018

Self-Imposed Solitude

I'm dog sitting. I love it because I have a whole house to myself, but I also hate it because the dogs are annoying. Pros and cons.

Look at this place where I live. 
Productivity level is at an all time high. Irritation level is at an all time low, as long as I never check my phone.

I need to get up at 5 more often. 
Usually, sitting in the living room means I'm giving permission for people to bug me, but not so in a house with zero humans! I even watched a couple movies.

I wish these pictures really did the scene justice. 
I did venture out to play some basketball with the guys one night, despite a random bout of exhaustion. And I worked out with Courtney and Becca every day still. Plus I deal with humans all day at work, so I get my fill of interaction.

Ugh. I can't even. -me, as a white girl.
Speaking of work, it was flag day this week. Which is relevant bc my coworker was telling us about how busy his week was with "my wife's bday and my bday and our anniversary and flag day". Which is funny because Flag Day isn't a holiday you celebrate, per say. But we did. Just to spite him.

 I went on a date. And I went to the temple. And I worked out with Peter, my friend between the ages of 25 and 100. And I saw Incredibles 2 WHICH IS SO WORTH IT. And I went to a stake date auction where I lost every bid, but had fun doing it. Kind of. I was also really mad, but what else is new?

This one is actually a sunSET.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

I Never Want to See A Day That's Under 60 Degrees

I go through phases where I feel like I need to make an appearance at certain events even though I don't want to go. Which is kind of what happened Monday when I went to the stake FHE luau. (But also I had a council meeting afterward since nobody showed up on Sunday.)

Institute is back up and is now 1.5 hours long. So I hate that. But Rod is there and I like him. And hot tub party afterwards. Oh! My A/C was broken and I couldn't live in my house for half the week, so I was staying at Callie's. Which meant hot tubbing was at my house. I liked that better.

Bye forever Joe Bale. 
Wednesday I was so exhausted I took a nap. And talked to Taylor Bly, my shadow sister. We are basically the same person in so many ways. It's been too long, friend.

I played some ball with a couple of stake guys on Thursday. It wasn't too much of a workout and I ended up losing in a game of 21 with 19, so I held my own.

Friday I got up super early for a gym workout so I could get to work by 6, so I could leave by 12, so I could get to Shannon's play (Henry IV) by 7h15ish. Shiboi and I waited in the Japanese Gardens as bridge trolls, watching as the meager bathrooms rapidly overflowed the sewage. The play was long, but good. I loved all the ridiculous insults. And the free blankets (and cake) from Tom Hanks (one of the MC's) we got at the exclusive afterparty.

Ok but check out the guy in the back.
Who does he look like at a glance?
I spent all night looking for parking. Then I met the spazziest cat, Ponce de Lyon. I might actually like him if he didn't always try to bite me. But he is adorable and fun to play with.

Ponce de Lyon, infamous explorer who literally never stops moving. 
We ate lamb euros at Cristo's, a nice Greek resto and chatted about Survivor strategies. Might enter. (Not yet). Shennsley and I strolled around the outdoor mall with our smoothies and chatted some more. All in all, an excellent weekend with los banditos.

Shiboi has some killer allergies. This is better than
those white surgical masks ANYDAY. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Eat Chocolate, thank you.

Memorial Day is important for a few different reasons. Remembering troops that fought for our freedom is the biggest one, but only slightly less important are these: I get the day off from work AND it marks the start of shorts season at my job - which is good because I've been toasting.

We had a nice BBQ/swim session with Autumn's pseudo family. I even hung out and played Scattegories with them (and crushed them all, even if they didn't count "ice cube tray" as a body of water).

She found a small dog "Zombie" at the BBQ. 
Tuesday is hot tub night chez Callie. I love it. I like hot tubs because I don't produce my own body heat, so it makes me feel like a normal human. Arizona heat is good for that too. I will miss being actually warm.

I went to the ward missionary meeting this week, which was pretty cool. And then played some good basketball. I need an ACL brace. This generic thing I've got is just too bulky and restricting and I'm still nervous the whole time that I'm going to tear something. So maybe my last splurge will be a custom.

Thursday was another bball day. It's weird playing with these guys because they are kind of afraid to hurt me, since I'm a girl. Which makes it easy to score most of the time. Just man up.

Courtney moved out, so Becca and I helped her. Then Autumn and I met Kim to minister. Then we chilled and caught each other up. And then I visited Callie in the insane asylum.

Ok listen to how I've been working this gym thing. I signed up for a 2-week pass, but nobody was at the front desk to activate it until 4 days in, so I had a few extra days there. After it expired, I signed up for a new one (using different credentials), but nobody was at the front desk to activate it for a while. So it JUST started like Friday. And NOW, somebody just gave Becca and I a total of 4 passes to come for 3 days with a friend. So that's another 12 days for each of us. Courtney will never get rid of us.

Becca, killing it with some pancakes.
Also remember how I get free money all the time? I just used my $50 to Abuelo's on a date with Callie. Worth it. I love Mexican.

Then we went to the ward dive-in movie and watched Coco. Which isn't actually a tearjerker, but also I'm emotionally limited. And I even stayed for the whole thing just to spite Callie who went around saying I would leave early (which I still super wanted to do because I was tired).

I've also been working on my comic book. This thing better be done by August or so help me, so help me, and CUT.