Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shut Up and Dance With Me

By the time I get to the end of the week, I don't really remember the beginning anymore. Sorry. Not even mad, because nothing crazy happens on Mondays. Let me tell you about my French test on Wednesday though. First off, my teacher was gone for a week and so skipped a whole chapter and we were supposed to go to her review session that was convenient for everyone but me. My goal was to still do better on the test than everyone else. So I actually studied for about an hour before taking it. I'll keep you posted.
Thursday as I was running outside in the surprisingly warm weather, coat in hand, to crank out some visiting teaching, a car of females drove slowly by, pointing a megaphone out the window, and yelling, "Put your coat on, it's cold outside!" Jokes on them; I'm Naomi Hutchins and I do what I want.
Grateful for crazy friends who do weird things for me.
Mals, Clayn, Rob, and I went to the BYU basketball game which was beautiful. We played impressively better than previous games and I was just dying. The difference was in the aggressive drives to the basket, rather than shooting 3s and running away. My favorite play: Collinsworth inbounded the ball of the defense's butt, caught it, and scored a layup. So cheeky. Literally.
Then Mals and I hit up a party on campus that was nearing its end. We managed to get in free, stuff ourselves with really good pizza and Italian soda, and score free water bottles. Funny story: when we walked in, two boys asked if we wanted to dance and immediately Mals said NO and kept walking. Then she turned back to me and said, Maybe that's my problem. Yeah, maybe. Although I had little interest in learning a foreign dance that night either.
Saturday Cam and I went to the temple. Then I worked on part 3 of my 25 part squid painting series that I'm giving Derek for Christmas. (Since he's been asking for one since the original). Then I went to Brick Oven with Rachel May for some delicious breadsticks and pizza. Then I helped her make Thanksgiving place tags, since I am secretly crafty. Then I did food shopping, which was much needed. Then Lauren and Chels joined us for a night of revelry.
And tonight is the official viewing of the pilot of my Emergency Preparedness video series. Here's the teaser trailer again, for those interested.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

We Hit Turbulence!

Remember how I work 20+ hours with the Track team every week? Well next semester, I'll be doing the same thing, but at Provo High. Aaron, the assigner of clinicals, is one of my teachers and just a fun guy. I went in to see how close he was to being done and we had a good chat about what I'll be doing for the next couple of semesters. I love my teachers here. (There was a rather amusing mishap where another student switched my assignment on Aaron's list, but it was all sorted it out afterwards.)

In other news, I'm still sick. My sinuses were going crazy for a few days and now my voice just sounds like a man's for the first few hours of the day and I cough like I have bronchitis. Also I get random nose bleeds, but that's just winter.

In light of my current state of illness, I skipped my 8am weights class this week. And on Thursday, my 9am class was optional and my 10am class was reviewing for a Chem test I had already taken, so I only had a 25 minute French lab to attend. Not even mad.

Significant progress was made on the first installment of the Emergency Preparedness videos. A special viewing will happen at ward prayer next week, if all goes well. Look forward to more on that.
Friday was delightful. I spent a few hours with my best friend, Lauren Bellon, just chilling. Then I went to the temple by myself, which was really lovely. Then I hitched a ride with Emarie and Christian to the BYU basketball game. I met up with Derek and my bitter enemy David Monson, who we rapidly ditched in favor of non-student seating (where they stand up the whole game). At half time, Christian got me some free snacks via his floor seats, and I got to see the Roneys. Then the cheerleaders came up to the section that  Shiboi and I were sitting in and I caught a free t shirt (after staring into one of their souls). Then, because we scored over 80 points, we got free dessert pizza from Malawis (which was dang good).
It was Emarie's first basketball game ever and the biggest thing she noticed was how much everyone slaps each others' butts. Which is second nature for me. We talked about basketball and Em even said to me, "You're so happy right now!" Sometimes I forget how much I love this game.

Saturday I bought some paints and canvases so I can continue working on my 25 part squid series. Derek and I watched Star Wars together (Empire Strikes Back) and then we watched the BYU football game.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weeny K Turns 30 (Again)

Remember this scene from Star Wars? Because if you asked me how my throat was feeling when I woke up today, this wouldn't be a bad analogy. But my new basketball came in the mail! Needless to say, life is very good.
A lot of my classes were cancelled this week. I woke up later and ran some basketball drills at the gym. I got to talk to Greg and Derek and Tanner in some of my free time. I fixed my hard drive so it is compatible with my Mac (much easier said than done). I took a Therapeutic Modalities test (90 multiple choice questions, 20 minutes). I played around with a TENS unit on my friends, basically electrocuting various body parts for educational research, physical benefits, and fun. I watched Miss Congeniality with my roommate, Lyndsie, which I think doubles as research for my self-defense emergency preparedness videos. Lauren (ATS) and I went to the men's basketball game against Alaska, which turned out to be a decent game despite a really rough start. 

Friday I had a romantic taco dinner with Mallory Layton (romantic because of the scented candle I lit) that ended with pazookies. Then, because Mal has an open invite and because I'm Naomi Hutchins and I do what I want, we surprise visited our old mission president/wife, P./N.Roney. I love them a lot. We chatted and watched part of the football game and just basked in their presence.
As you know, the first installment of my emergency preparedness videos are well underway. Here are the pictures and teaser trailer to prove it. (Coming soon to a theater near you, as soon as several other vital elements can be filmed.)
And guess what? It was my mom's birthday this week. As per tradition, that means I get to post terrible pictures of you on the internet. Get ready. Because I'm the only person in our family that can probably do this for you.
Scary Mary hair though.
Sorry I only get you reading.

And wearing the same shirt.

There it is again. Remember when I dressed up as you
for Halloween? Then dad pinched my butt and things
got awkward real fast.

So sweaty. Thanks for taking me to Israel.
Even though it was 50% a joke.
Glad you understood.

Dad's face after he wears a boot for so long.
You married this guy.

And again. 

Here you are driving! Just don't hit a mail truck, lol.

I mean, these pictures really aren't that bad. 

This one I had to zoom in real close.

Then you've got that weird eyeball thing.
Can't even eat one without you freaking out.
And yes, it did taste better than that olive.

Well that's where I get my rosy cheeks from. 

Looking real good, Weeny K.
Do you even remember this? Where did I even get this picture?
We look real good. Except look at my ankle. Should have gotten those braces after all.
Thanks for handling human parasites in your body for ten years and then dealing with human leeches outside your body for another twentyish. I'm glad you're my mom even if you have weirdly specific rules about my college experience and you dirty all the doorknobs in our house whenever we leave you there alone. Thanks for helping all your kids (except for maybe Greg) to be ridiculously overconfident and generically good at whatever we do. Thanks for forcing me to play the piano but not forcing me to wear dresses. Thanks for thinking that I'm funny and sometimes being ok with the fact that our family would prefer to poke each other in the butt to hugging. Love you lots. K bye.