Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pin the Handshake on the Apostle

My life is pretty standard. I workout. I go to clinicals with the football team. Then I either have classes or am doing HW until about 7pm. Monday I stayed up later than usual so I could go to FHE (bonfire with volleyball) and the ward weekly basketball mess-around. I stayed way too late. Wednesday I took a physics test, which went just as well as I'd expected, but not as well as I'd hoped.

Thursday I had an intramural basketball game, which was co-ed. Meaning boys can't guard girls or rebound within the key. I hate that. I met my team for the first time and we're actually pretty good. It was a close game, but we scraped out the win. The other team only had tiny girls who liked to drive, but weren't actually very good. They kept complaining about me fouling them, but really they just kept running into me and bounding off. The refs didn't call it ever, so I think they agreed with me.

Our friendship is based solely on funny quotes and Conference.
If we don't go to Conference, who even are we?

Friday I went to meet my advisor for the first time ever. She wasn't super helpful. But it was nice to talk through my stuff. Since most of the football team was gone, I was off the hook for clinicals. I did HW, I organized stuff and worked on my many projects. I played a Mario Kart tournament, which, little did I know, is 32 races. I saw Grey's Anatomy for the first time (not super impressed). And I had a dance party with my roommate, ACon.

Saturday, I got up to go running, but it was torrentially raining. I went to the temple with Cam. I went to a rehab session with some of the players that stayed home, and by that I mean just one because the others decided not to show up. Then some girl 'accidentally' bought 15 gallons of ice cream, so I helped her eat it. I watched the game, which was disappointing to say the least. And then I went to Woman Conf with Lauren and her family. It was better than usual. And we almost touched Jeffrey R.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

"Have you ever hunted a ghost before?" "Um, successfully?"

Last Sunday the power went out for twelve hours. Which really put a damper on my new vlog (coming soon to a YouTube channel near you). First because my camera wasn't charged and second because we had no lights in our house besides my headlamp and our rapidly depleting phones. And so we delayed a week.

The RS President is already worried about me being inactive. I told her I'm going to miss RS every other week due to mandatory service. Sahhhrrry.

I actually went to FHE. It was right next door and there were cookies. It was also the night they were giving out callings. Luckily, my group was up first to get our callings. Also luckily, I'm not FHE mom. And my group is dope.

I felt like I was going to die this week. I swear, I'm turning into a Rigby. Before I started my program, I was sick once every two years. Now, it's about once a semester and I hate it. Turns out I had a respiratory infection, which to me is just a fancy way of saying a bad cold. Which made it really hard to breathe during my basketball class, but also all other times.

Waffle Wednesday was a thing this week. And it was delicious. I talked to a new friend, Wyatt, that I met on Sunday. Here's the story. Hannah likes to sit near the wall so less people talk to her. I like to sit near the aisle so I can escape easier. So we sat on opposite sides of the row. Wyatt came in, sat directly between us. Which made passing the sacrament slightly easier. After the sacrament, a guy wanted to sit in the row, so I thought he was friends with Wyatt or something. Nope. He just sat right next to me, eliminating the mandatory buffer seat for people you don't know. Which was more awkward because I had to lean toward him to see the speaker. So we bonded with Wyatt over that.
I went to Institute (you're welcome, Monsieur Le Chin).

The nutritionist gave me a sample of an energy drink to try. You're supposed to drink it during practice if you're hungry so that you don't get an upset stomach. But it tastes like straight booty, so don't try "glukose". I might be entering a t shirt design contest. Ghost Ghirls is my new favorite show. We had a Scarlet Pimpernel movie night with pizza on Friday. Which was actually the first time I'd seen Hannah since Monday, due to the fact that she started her new job.

Greg came over to get his new shoes and bring us cider and tell us how he was going to camp out for the UCLA game. Yikes. Twenty-four hours later, I went to the game and hung out in the locker room for a few hours with my free CupBop and t shirt. Then I hung out on the sidelines with the guys who weren't playing while the others changed. Then I roamed around on the field, handing out waters along with the Silver Fox, to the tune of my own cheer squad in the stands (still don't know who you guys are, but I loved it). Then I cheered with the players on the sideline, which I think was a better seat than Porter's at the end zone. Occasionally I handed out waters, but mostly I watched the game and joked with the guys. I really like this football thing. Then I helped load and unload the truck in exchange for free dinner. Then I died. The End.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Just Like A Waving Flag

Hannah turned 20 this week. Which is crazy to think about as I continue working on "Guilt" and remember all the terrible things she's done. Like moon the family. Or spend $200 on school erasers. It was a fun day (after I got out of football). We had a party at Granny B's house with Amy's family. There was taco bell and cornbread and a reallllyyyy tasty bev. Granny B is good at those fruit punch kind of drinks and they're always delicious. We did inappropriate mad libs and saved Horny the PiƱata for another day.

Thug Life with the bros.

One time, my french book hadn't arrived yet. I tried every method I could think of to be able to do my HW - tried to take pics in the bookstore (it was saran wrapped), get a free preview online (no good), emailed my classmates, texted friends who have taken the class, and even emailed my teacher. No response. So I showed up on Tuesday, immediately borrowed this kid's book to start taking pictures of the pages. Five minutes later, my teacher is like, Oh, I guess I'll send those to you. Huh, thanks.

Here's Horny. Cute lil guy.

Wednesday and Monday are my HW days. I spent like six hours doing HW on Wednesday, but part of that was to play catch up with my intensive French HW. ACon, my roomie, treated me to Oreos later as a peace offering (because she ate all of mine a few weeks ago) and we talked about how the stress of the MCAT coming up was clouding her decision making processes. Also, try looking up your name and 'meme' on Google. From what I've seen, the first results are pretty funny.

Sometimes I like to play the game 'what free swag did BYU give me today?' But then I remember that I work a ridiculous amount of hours for free and it really doesn't even out. But I got some sweet game day shoes, a new sweater, and a hat. Also the Nike order was this week - where we can get a selection of products for much cheaper. I got some stuff, but was disappointed because they ran out of most products by day 2.

Friday, Steve gathered us all into his office for a pow wow and asked if we were excited for the game.  I responded, fairly enthusiastically, and Steve said, Yeah, you excited to watch it on TV? I don't normally travel with the team, but the game was so close that everyone was going. I just had to ask Brett and make sure there was room in the van - which Kieff and Zac (players) did for me, once they found out. Thanks, guys.

In the afternoon, my roomie Kendall needed some help making centerpieces for a wedding her aunt was doing. Hannah, Kendall, and I met a delightful woman named Christie Anne who helped us figure out the keys to floral arrangement. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. We had fun and then some black guys showed up to unload a truck and Hannah turned into ghetto Hannah.

I made this.

Also this. And two more. Equally as good.

Dressed in our travel sweats, we ate first at Blackbear, and then headed to SLC to set up the field. Then we waited for a while. The Ute trainers bought us pizza for lunch. Then we waited. Eventually we changed into our game day attire (which was superrrrr flattering).

Thanks for the pic, angry Utes fan!

My job during games is to try to stay near Brett, in case he needs me to run and grab something, and carry two water bottles around to help hydrate whoever I want. Some of the other trainers have to stay with certain groups, but I have a little more freedom.

If you didn't screenshot it, it
didn't happen.

It was a fun game. The fans were just terrible. The refs made some questionable calls. And we lost by 1, which was disappointing. But, a fun game nonetheless. And now I am super tired. The end.

Half time pic.