Sunday, May 24, 2015

Youthful Exuberance

It's a gift I possess. One that my coworkers are slowly realizing. I've been held back by my burn victim statusMornin to me everyday. Boring. Even this one kid who graduated a year ago is already turned into a zombie. So in addition to curing cancer and rare diseases alike, I've also made a goal to spice it up at work. Even if it means dressing up in a camel costume on Wednesday and wishing all the cubicles a happy hump day.

Speaking of work, here's my favorite moments of the week. (Apart from the fact that I feel like a mad scientist the whole time). First, this guy Andy starts showing me this experiment he wants me to run. It has to occur in a closed environment, so they have a glass box with gloves attached so you can stick your hands in and do stuff without messing up the conditions. He was just showing me some preliminary stuff and then he goes to take his hands out of the gloves and the fingers rip right off! Then we both kind of start freaking out and it was hilarious. He's like Aah! Ok, well it's not that big of a deal. Yes, actually, it is, Andy. Secondly, my boss, Bruce is hilarious and a genius and listens to bird calls in his spare time. He's also really awkward when he tries to leave after checking in on me because he doesn't know how. We both just kind of stand there nodding for a few seconds before I take over. So I taught him break. I explained sports teams will have a huddle and at the end, they all stick their fists in and yell break and lift their hands up. So now that's how we part ways. After hearing my explanation, Bruce says, Turns out this is actually mutual training. We're training each other. Exactly, Bruce. He leaves and peeks his head back in a few seconds later and says, Ok, but I'm not shaving the side of my head! Funny, guy.
You know what else is funny? This painting. Trevor showed me a picture of it. It's literally men riding their beards. Then there's the creepster in the window kidnapping that lady with his beard. (Derek's self-proclaimed goal in life). I bought it.
Also, Moriah's sass. I'm so proud.

Me-What time is it? Moriah-Time for you to get a watch.

Mom-What are you doing? Moriah- Watching Naomi read.
Mom- That's creepy. Moriah- No it's not, Mom. You don't even know. It's not creepy.

Xander's mad because I've read all the books in our collection. All the good ones anyways. I'm the fastest reader because I really just skim enough to get the story. I don't care much about details. Especially kissing details... I like when our family just has unofficial reading parties. Randomly four or five kids end up chilling in the library with books. Solid. Currently, I'm on the Lunar Chronicles. Give me a couple hours and I'll be done.
Family work day happened this week. My least favorite. I spent most of it scrubbing stains out of the shower and weeding my own strawberries. No real complaints. I play the piano a lot. I bought a Les Mis book, but I'm going to need a new book soon. I skipped Derek. No, he's not married. No, he's not sad. He's got his plans A and B to keep him company. And we planned our trip to Europe since Mom and Dad are going to France and didn't even invite me.
Highlight: Dad, Hannah, Kevin, and I went to a Red Sox game. Hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, Taco Bell, the atmosphere, the Green Monster, that Boston skyline, the company, taking over driving responsibilities from my blind father, $20 I found, Sweet Caroline, Nip Nip Cheerio, Pujols, and that Cuban music all but made up for a terrible loss.
And this happened today. Terrifying.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mistakes. Mistakes have been made.

Mistake #1: Despite the pain in my sunburn, I decided it was still a good idea to participate in our 6am exercise class. Monday's class-cycling. Needless to say, it was not a good idea. Blisters everywhere. I got home from my Pfizer internship around five and laid on the couch with ice packs for the rest of the night. It turned purple and oozed every time I walked down the stairs. Or just walked in general. Then the skin peeled off. And now it's scabbed over. And the scabs break every time I change activities. Here's an updated view:
But the internship at Pfizer is going swimmingly, all mistakes aside. I get to work in a lab and run tests and experiments, kind of like my AP Chemistry class. In fact, I'm now wishing I had paid a little more attention to that. Too late. I made a friend, Maddie Loe, who always gets lost. But she's fun and loves this stuff. I rarely get to see her though, since interns are actually very individual. Here's a problem. Here's some tests we wanted to run. Allez-y quoi.

Mistake #2: So Hannah and I always wanted to shave the sides of our heads and figured this summer would be a good time for that. We wanted to shave the lower part, so we could cover it up if necessary and we wanted steps. Hannah had her appointment while I was at work and it turned out well. I had mine a few days later and, well, see title. It wasn't that bad, just not what I had ordered. The lady was really jittery so we left and Hannah fixed it and bought me ice cream and it's fine.

Mistake #3: Thinking Seussical Musical would be entertaining. Xander got roped into this play and so I took the girls out to see him perform. I mean, I'm sure it would have been better with working equipment and quite a few singing lessons. Xander was a little shy for a fly "Wickersham brother", but it's all good. Here he is, in the back on the left:

Mistake #4: Not supervising Trevor at the mall. I promised I would take him to buy a bucket hat, so I let him go and I went in search of more khakis (do you know how hard it is to find extra extra long sizes?). He came back with a horror only a true American would be proud of. And sunglasses to match.
Mistake #5: Taking Moriah with us to Lavinia's tournament. I mean. If she asks me for a snack one more time, I might wring her little neck. Although I did get her to shout and cheer with me during the games. All the parents were freaking out about dumb things, so I tried to ease the tension with my cheering: Yeah, physical activity! We love basketball! HD Booty in the house! Full speed ahead and ram 'em! Rip her arms off! I'm just yelling things! Hockey time! Yeah scorekeepers: you're an integal part of this game and you're doing great! Etc. They won their first game of the season and lil HD Booty scored 14 points. And Moriah did some good poses. Cheers.

Mistake #6: Going to the Singles Ward. Always a mistake. Good news is that a group of ten normal boys moved here from Utah to do summer sales and we are planning on taking them to the paint if they ever stop working. We also befriended some...other people. And had food at a linger longer.
Mistake #7: Ever coming home from a mission. Seriously best time of my life. It just wasn't long enough. I keep having dreams the President Roney lets me go back to Cannes for one more transfer. I'm secretly hoping it'll come true. Two years from Friday I went to the MTC. And now my Elders are home, and it just goes too fast. That mission is the celestial kingdom.

May the Fourth be with you

A Summary of Events from last Sunday (since our wifi is buns). 
-I went to the Singles Ward and got called to be a ward missionary, along with another recently returned RM. No surprises there, really.
-The fam accompanied me in watching the newer Star Wars trilogy in honor of Star Wars day (May 4). I bought mini glow stick light sabers at the dollar store to make it really unforgettable. 
-I had to buy myself conditioner because apparently nobody else in this house cares about their hair. 
-I found fitting roller blades and my accordion and worked on my skills every day. 
-I visited the old stomping grounds with Hannah and Kevin- the high school, Chris Albanese's office, the mall for some khakis that I'm required to wear in the fall. 
-I babysat for the Kitleys. There was a fair amount of running, chasing, and throwing kids onto couches. As per usual.
-We got a bunch of kids to play some ball down at the church and several people asked why I didn't play basketball for BYU. Well. 
-Hannah and I drove to Kevin's basketball practice and went to the beach in between games. I'll be danged, but the sun had the audacity to burn us through the clouds. Hannah's feet and the back of my knees were so red and swollen. I have the mobility of C3PO, if that. We did get to visit the Smith's on the way back and Kevin decided it was funny to slap my sunburn. It wasn't. 
-Sunday again I went to our home ward to listen to Trevor's talk in church. After him, the speaker invited his little daughter up to ask her questions about her mom: How do you know Mom loves you? What do you love about Mom? Stuff like that. And then real crap came up: What does Mom love? POOP! Boost.
-Speaking of which, Kevin carved the word poop into the stain in our tub. Good times at home.
And here's a picture of the beach that had the audacity to burn us: