Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yo This Week Was Lit

Lightspeed recap:

I went to the orthodontist at least twice for a new retainer, played Uno at least 24 rounds, and created a Disney playlist on my phone of over 100 songs. I read three books, including The Giver, a childhood fave. I found a stuffed bear in my storage box and Moriah immediately claimed it.

Alex is a new intern in my department who is also older than most of the other ones, so we laugh at their timidity on a frequent basis. I found a new website, MuseScore, which has a plethora of sheet music freely available.

And I'm helping everyone in my family increase their muscles and decrease their reaction times by randomly going boneless on them. Needless to say, it's hilarious.

Saturday I met the parentals at the temple for Kayla's endowment session. As Grampy will tell you, it was lit. Then The Chin, Kellogius, Mimi, Grampy, and I ate steak.

I drove through ridiculous traffic to get to Brigham Street, where I introduced Grampy to Hamilton. He loves it. After showing him how to access the entire playlist with lyrics, we had a little sing-along. And drank grape juice. And photoboothed.

These kids. 
I made it back to Attleboro just in time for Brittany Bishaw's wedding reception. Where I was again fed steak. And the valet crew were impressed with my car quick change into a skirt.

Then the Providence, RI stake got split up, I wore my favorite mission dress, and nobody asked me to give a talk. Yet.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ode to Moriah: You the Real MVP

Moriah: Easily most sane person in this family. Literally everyone loves her and she makes us happy just thinking about her. How does she work this witchcraft??


She'll just calmly sit there all day, getting up only to close the door when little scums leave it open. She's so happy to see anyone come home and she'll pretend whatever new craft she made is only for you. Then she'll tell you all about her day and by that I mean what she ate all day, because she knows what's important.

Then if you ask her what she wants to do, and she's already eaten, she'll say Let's play a game. Let's play Uno. Because she knows it's a classic. Then this slimy dog will hit you with every Draw 2 and Draw 4 known to man and still let you win. Then openly call you the Uno King.

So Moriah has a very distinct way of talking and it's kind of hard to understand sometimes. But this one time, we were playing Uno and Xander got hit with like six Draw 2's (and you know those suckas build) and he said, Moriah, I need you to play a Draw 2 now! And Moriah just calmly looks in her cards for about five minutes and finally says, in the most serene and eloquent voice I've ever heard,  I'm sorry, Xander, but I cannot do that.


She hates exercise and is very content to literally sit there all day waiting for someone to leave the door open. But sometimes we try to get her to do stuff anyways because she eats enough food for three grown men. And because she knows I like exercise, she'll be all excited to show me her pushup. And then Mom will make her go outside and run around the house and she'll hate it the whole time and say things like, My heart is bleeding! I think my leg is broken!

Then, randomly this week, I was like, What are we doing tonight?  And Moriah said, Hiking? And it just knocked my socks off and we all said, Oh heeeckkk, yes. So we walked down the street and went on a one-mile hike at Glacier Park and she loved it and climbed over all the rocks and was so good at seeing the blue trail markers.

And all Moriah really thinks about is food and when the next time is that she can eat. Oatmeal or sandwiches or bagels or bacon. But the other day, Moriah finished her dinner and was still hungry and said Ok, I know that dinner's done and I'm not gonna complain. But can we have a movie night?

And also Moriah hates watching movies, but ever since we set up our stadium seating and projector she wants to have movie nights every night. And her favorite movie is Star Wars. And if you want to make popcorn, she's ok with it.


And Moriah is just happy to spend time with you. It doesn't really matter what you're doing. Like yesterday she literally spent the whole day helping people clean. She helped me clean the basement and library and family room and Hannah clean the bathroom and Dad do yard work. She cleaned more than anyone in this family. And in the middle of helping me clean the library, she just stops and looks at me and says, Nomi, I think you're awesome. And those are the best words that have ever been spoken to me.

Sometimes Moriah gets mad because she's a teenager and sometimes Mom asks her to do ridiculous things that make zero logical sense. And whenever I can tell she's mad, I make her stand up and I keep giving her hugs until she laughs and it's the easiest thing.

While I was cleaning, I paused in the middle to look at a large pile of junk I was forbidden to throw away and wondering what to do with it and Moriah asks, What are you doing?And I said, Oh, you know, just being mad. And Moriah just comes up to me, laughing already, and says,  Okay, hug? And keeps hugging me until I promise I'm not mad anymore.

And Moriah always wants to go on errands with me and so we'll always listen to rap music - like the good kind with a great beat and unparalleled lyrical mastery and obviously I'll sing along and Moriah will get really into it and just bang her head up and down and one day Moriah wrote a rap.


And she is the best of all the Hutchins dancers. And sometimes I make her watch dance videos on YouTube with me and we try to copy them and even though Moriah doesn't need that she does it anyways.

Not to mention she is a clutch poser. This girl is the most creative. Singer / songwriter / model / actress / comedian / Uno King / Summer Schooler / etc. And that's why I love Moriah.

And if you wanted a recap of my week, here's the DL shortlist:
Started work. Lunched at a pavilion on site. 
Scarlet Pimperneled. Muzzied. Kuzco'd. 
Painting 5 / 25. This one's for Kev. Scuttlebutt and all.
Worshipped the blessed Motha. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Week one at the homefront and changes are already afoot. After an early morning arrival, Kev and I were soon on our way to the YSA Ward. Everyone else was more excited than I. We ended up staying longer because the President had organized a soup kitchen volunteer trip.

Monday I started working on the Goliath task that is our basement playroom. Which has not seen human hands in literal years. Over the course of two days, I spent over eight hours in that room with only marginal progress (mostly since I have limited trashing privileges) and the spider population (alive and DEAD) is facing extinction. Goodwill, the school clothes drive, and the mall book drive are eagerly awaiting my next trip.
With Moriah as my travel buddy, who doesn't
want to go to Goodwill? Again?
Unfortunately, respiration of dust and dead spiders (and dead people, Mom says) is not healthy for a human. My sinuses were clogged, my eyes slowly closing on themselves, and my brain was very fuzzy. Just how I like to spend my week off. As an invalid. It was a perfect situation for finishing off two thousand page books.

I'm the Uno King.
I spent some time at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned, at the doctor getting respirator fitted, and at the optometrist speaking French with my Haitian friend Emile while Mom was verifying that the cataracts haven't completely taken over her vision yet. (Soon....)

Wednesday was Star Wars day. (May the fourth be with you :). So I, needing to show off the cool things I learned in college, rearranged our family room, borrowed a projector from the church, and bought a new HDMI cord. Movie night for dayyysss (including the newest Star Wars, Space Jam, and Concussion).
That stadium seating is clutch though.
I also started my other summer project: digitalizing many a photo. Which leaves me plenty of time in between scans to mess around on the internet. And combine peoples' faces to see what kind of babies they would make together.

Mom/Mom and Dad/Dad

Saturday Moriah and I chauffeured Xander to his soccer games all morning. At night, Kevin and I went to game night with a bunch of juniors and seniors in HS. A couple ride seekers showed up at chez les Hutchins just in time for family scriptures and were quoting Number 33 for the rest of the night. What an impact.

Mother's Day was celebrated with all the gumption it merits. All were happy except Dad, because nobody would pay attention to him or give him chocolate. (I somehow landed all the extras, on the other hand. And I DID share with him.) We ukulele'd impromptu songs to Lavinia's basketball game. We feasted on Salisbury steak and potatoes. And Kevin and I left Mom a surprise never to be forgotten. (Though maybe for the wrong reasons....)
Beautiful bouquet, picture of Lavinia in a frame
Kev and I decorated, a bag of faux-poop...
We sure love our mom.
 She wonders where we get these ideas, but let me tell you a story. Today, Moriah starts drawing a picture of our whole family. She gets to me and Mom says, Who's that? Moriah says, Nomi. Mom says, You should draw her pooping. We are kindreds.
Naomi pooping, by Moriah.