Sunday, September 17, 2017

Crazy Ideas 6 Days for 10

Procrastination is the word of the week. It's especially applicable to the final step of my grad school applications (aka the essays...). And made easier by a really good book series. The essays are getting done tomorrow.

FHE was combined with our whole stake - writing letters and making bracelets for active-duty soldiers. Keaton and I wrote a great letter that was mostly a symbolic picture of America. It will be appreciated, I think.

Apparently AZ sunsets are the best?
I actually went to Institute this week. My guy, Rod, was surprised that I actually came back. I love Jesus, Rod. I just work an hour away and get off after Institute starts. A bunch of miracles need to come together for me to get there.

I skipped part of work this week to go to a luncheon (for work). I'll be starting an AT outreach job with a community FB league on Fridays. There's a lot of work I need to handle before I feel comfortable doing that.

Thursday was the busiest day of my life, but also Jersey day - where I don't have to wear a collared shirt to work. So, worth it. And I even made it to some kid's birthday party and had a chat with Jake/Autumn before the night was through.

Sneak peak into Grug's future.
My good friend, Alex Miller, (who I've met barely twice in my life) had a birthday party this weekend - the big 2-1. Naturally, I brought the booze and was surprised nobody else thought of that beside Alex, who provided a keg. But his friends are the literal nerdiest kids I've ever met, so it makes sense. It was a good time, with good burgers, and a lot of sass and smarts I kept on the DL.

I have a new calling, FYI. I'm now co-in charge of all the activities we do. Which means I need to actually go. Thus, early Saturday morning, I headed out to Cameron's ranch. He's an archery teacher, so he instructed us on how to archery, and I got consistently worse as my arm got tired. Then Carson made us some bomb AF burgers and a few of us swam in a pool for a few hours. (Hence my facial sunburn today). Then we watched a bunch of movies, including "Naked" - which is funny in an overly corny kind of way.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Week With No Visuals

Speed round. Work is flying by - and my coworkers have begun the "fun fact of the day" 30 day trial period to learn about my life. They're getting tired of me skipping songs on our Spotify playlist. And I'm getting tired of country.

I got a new calling this week, which I was keeping secret until Jake blurted it out to everyone. I am now the Activity Committee Co-chair - which means I get to decide what fun stuff we do. Bart asked me for my initial thoughts, and I spouted off about 15 great ideas. I'm ready.

A bunch of my friends left for college this week or last. The Grovers headed out Wednesday morning, so we had a movie night at their house beforehand. And I made cookies that day.

Cen and I hadn't hung out in a while, so we met up at a park when her classes were cancelled Thursday night. She gave me the tour down memory lane and the DL on her current life.

I heard nothing of raucous partying on Friday, so I went to Home Depot and started building myself a mini trebuchet. Which is a lot harder than it sounds, woodworkers be warned.

The Wheel of Time series is still solid. I get into a rage every now and again, and I've noticed that it usually happens when people try to control other people. Apparently, I appreciate agency. Which makes sense, all things considered.

As part of my continuing education (funded by my work), I attended a scraping workshop on Saturday. All day. Basically, a group of 10 humans with minimal clothing rubbed coconut oil ALL OVER each others' bodies with variously shaped butter knives. It's therapeutic, I promise. And very greasy.

After, I met up with the gang at a restaurant. We played Totally Insane back at the ranch. And then headed to a church for some volleyball, which I played dumb at - and hated that about myself. One day I will play sports again with some level of competitiveness. Not yet.

And today, I relaxed. I read a book. I watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, one of the greatest cinematic wonders to ever grace this world (along side Emperor's New Groove). I drank a delicious smoothie. And I tickled the ivories a tad.

Monday, September 4, 2017

California Skinbags

Let me start at the beginning. No, it's too long. Let me sum up.

I spoke in church on Sunday (in typical Hutchins fashion) and it was well-received. My new friend Rod (our Stake 2nd counselor or something) suggested I become a seminary teacher. I said I had no idea you could request callings.

Take a closer look.
I traveled with a group to go see Neil L speak on faith (what else?) in Tempe. SparkNotes: have a desire, prepare, and runrunrun to the end. Also watch Chariots of Fire.

Deep fried french toast was on the menu for FHE, so obviously I was there, finding temple names with a bunch of pioneer descendants. Then we headed over to the Grovers' to play Who What When Where Why, which is one of my new faves, to celebrate everyone going back to college soon.

Somehow, my work ended way early on Tuesday, so I busted over to Institute with my guy Rod, as promised at my earliest convenience. A few of us hit up Sonic after.

Wednesday, I did my visiting teaching with Cen. As much as we could, anyways. One of our girls met us in a bar for drinks. Yes. Mocktails for days. Then I went back to the Grover's to play Guilt.

Friends: John & Sarah Dunn.
Aaron DeMarco, from RI, was in town visiting our mutual, Alex. So I met them at Barro's for pizza and a nice chat.

I busted out of AZ for the long weekend with Sarah, John, and John's mission bro Derek. We slept at John's parents house, but only his mom, Karen, was home. She came with us to Newport beach and even played some Spike in my place.

Venice Beach.
On our tour of the countryside, we stopped by Venice beach for some gourmet ice cream at the Salt and Straw, and Uber'd our way out with Miguel, who loves his job because he has ample opportunity to "look at the ladies".
Salt & Straw. Only place I know to get bone
marrow & roasted cherry ice cream.
Sunday, we went to church where a very theatrical Sunday School teacher who only asked rhetorical questions described Nauvoo as "sultry". Then I became best friends with Papa, the 85 year old grandpa. I love old men, have I mentioned that? They're easy to read.

My man, Papa. He loves FB. #Touchdownnnn
For the last day of vacation, John/Derek went surfing in the early a.m., while Sarah, Karen, and I drove out to Seal Beach to meet up with Shiboi/Shennsley for some cloudy boogie boarding. We showered and ate at a quaint little diner called Ruby's and headed home. And there we are.

Dem Crew: Zooping those waves.