Monday, April 23, 2018

A Slice of Heaven (and an entire baguette)

The previous week in review: I watched several classic films. Voici, a summary.

  • Gladiator: Great film, great ending. 
  • Braveheart: Basic archetype was the same as Gladiator, but less good. Best scene: when the Scots are facing the Brits and demoralize them by mooning their armies. Classic. 
  • The Patriot: Another great. Also Heath Ledger. This film convinced me to take up a tomahawk in the zombie apocalypse. 
  • Hitch: A modern classic (not on the list), that Chance from France had never seen. Rectified. 
Part two of week one: Workout fiends. Hannah and Chance from France both signed up for personal workouts with yours truly. And protein shakes après. No complaints on final hangouts with my favorite people before they ditch me for Idaho. 

In other news, I took a week-long vacation to Europe with Jimmy and Gregorious. Here's what went down.
"And then it starts to rain."
-Climbed up St Paul's Cathedral with a hilarious Asian commentator and a man with his entire suitcase. 
-Played "if you were the artist" at Tate Modern Art museum. 
-Commandeered platform 9 3/4 for a proper photoshoot. 
-Bartered for indian food with my old chums, Lyndsie and Thomas.

A proper English box.
-Participated in traditional medieval torture at the London Dungeon. 
-Saw all the dinosaurs (and basically Hogwarts) at the Natural History Museum. 
-Put our pinkies out for tea time and ate a proper English breakfast with Brits Philippa and Josh.

On that one bridge that everyone puts locks on.
Except for us cuz we're rebels.
-Found mysterious excrement on all of Trevor's clothes post-"the most stressful bike ride"
-Ripped the laundry bag outside the Grand Palais
-Acquired tetanus at the Garden de Tuileries
-Was pickpocketed of one Louvre ticket (once inside)

Il faut, je pense.
-Waited in line at the catacombs (which do NOT, in fact, open at 7am)
-Ate the most needed Pain au Chocolat at our hotel after the Air Bnb bailed on us
-Spent sunrise at the Eiffel Tower

The REAL vacation begins in Chalon.
-Tasted the first kebab of the trip en route (the first of MANY)
-Investigated the Landré's armory, finding at least one "sockret" weapon
-Learned the meaning of "gourmands" chez un restaurant chinois with the missionary couple

Soeur Landré knows how to chantilly.
-Laughed until we cried chez les DuCoeurs
-Bought illegal caramel épicé from un chalonnais at the local march
-Chilled on the quai, with a gorgeous view of the Saône and a current construction project

Teaching Promise. 
-Played foot at Parc de la Tête D'or (and took a nap)
-Took our introductory pictures at Fourvière
-Tried ALL of Vieux Lyon's gelato shops
-Lost and FOUND Trevor's wallet - all while teaching Promise

Found ittttt.
-Found the #OnlyLyon sign at the Musée des Confluences
-Drank some cash money with the Parans while exploring la nouvelle chapelle
-Slept on Soeur Yvars' toasty cement floor (for free)

This is MY city. 
-Cried at the good views of L'Esterel from the train entre St. Raph and Cannes-même
-Drank Yop and ate vegetarian falafel
-Dipped our toes in the Mediterranean during the Red Bull World Championship Air Competition

Gelato. Encore. (always)
-Ate a picnic, played sand volleyball, and went swimming for real with the Perez family (slashed cried a little at just being with them. Or at laughing so hard, not sure which.) Then we ate more gelato and stayed at a beach-front hotel.
-Found a granola supplier in my old neighbor, M. Tonial, who is just as delightful as ever. 
-Acquired 15 tiny rubber babies.

Socca is as good as it sounds. (Delicious).
-Perfected our zombie apocalypse plan
-Ate more gelato, baguettes, socca, and flower candies

Baguettes. A representation of my life. 
-Travelled for 36 hours to chez nous - during which Trevor was separated from us (and thus missed out on Hacksaw Ridge), Greg's passport was flagged bc his fetus pic doesn't match his current face, I spent several hours curled up on 2 adjacent chairs in a cold sweat with itchy hives all over my body, Trevor lost his caramel, an angry zamboni man called security on us, and I watched Justice League and Last Jedi while squished between an bickering married couple. 

And now I've showered and am wearing clean clothes, praise be. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

JK We're Vegetarians

Have I mentioned how much I love General Conference? Because I do. But that doesn't mean I don't get a bit sleepy after ten hours of spiritual intensity. Either way, all of it was worth re-reading.

After the spiritual feast came the physical one. And boy, what a feast. Potatoes and ham and some kind of marshmallow deliciousness. And a dang good carrot cake (minus the raisins). The evening also included me losing horribly at a game of darts and running full speed into a sliding glass door. If only I could clean glass as well as I can run into it.

My activity committee was in desperate need of a meeting. Naturally, I had the crew chez moi and we enjoyed s'mores and roasted starbursts as we planned the next couple months to our satisfaction.

Aaron has been educating me on quality films and has a long list of films that I'm instructed to see. He brought in a few (but not before he lost $5 for forgetting too many times). So now I can check Last of the Mohicans, Tombstone, and Gladiator off the list. All, as he said, quality.

Chance and I took a turn around the parking garage on our longboards. Talk about INCREDIBLE and DANGEROUS. 'Twas a good time - and not quite as scary as I thought it might be after tearing up my knee.

Friday night, while I was working medical at a youth football league, I had to make the call to get some kid airvac'd out. My first helicopter. And hopefully last. But although I haven't heard back from his parents yet, I feel fairly confident that it was purely precautionary.

Top Squad.
My idea for a Sunday morning nature walk was denied, so we had to settle for a Saturday hike. Which I hate. I hate hiking and it's worse on Saturday because that means it has to be actual exercise. It turned out okay and we got some Chick Fil Bae afterwards, if you feel me.

Then I took the longest nap.

And met up with Chance for some good burgers, and then Hannah/Ali to watch Black Panther. A+ movie. Hilarious, action, storyline, message - all just so good. I can level with it. HW assignment for all involved: WATCH IT.

[And just a heads up for my weekly followers - don't expect too much the next few weeks because I'll be in the promised land AKA FRANCE.]

Saturday, March 31, 2018

HutchCreations: An EliteTake on Post-Modernist Nugmuffinery

SWOLENATION is lagging behind a bit. Workouts are still going strong, but that weekend of no dieting kind of messed me up. Also, there was brownies and cookies and donuts and pizza at my work all week.
"It's a lifestyle, not a diet of deprivation." -me
PC: Kellogius.
Chris, my spin instructor, came and did a tabata workout with SWOLENATION. It crushed. Tabata workouts consists of 4min songs broken into 20s max workout and 10s active recovery for a total of 8 rounds. You never catch your breath (so you end up burning 5x the normal amount of calories 5h later due to EPOC) and your muscles get destroyed. I'm still sore.

PC: Grug.
PC: HanNip-Nip Cheerio.
I was dog sitting again. The dogs were much better behaved this round. (All five of them.) The cat was still annoying.
PC: Yours truly.
PC: The Chin.
CCV games were cancelled because it's Easter weekend. Which made my night. I taught Peter (my easily-winded friend somewhere between the ages of 10 and 62) the meaning of tabata and he subsequently turned my brain into mush with some Javascript. The good news is that it's making a lot more sense now. But I'm still on the edge of a waterfall.

PC: T Sizzle.
PC: Xandino.
I introduced ma boi Chance to Clue, the movie. Now he'll understand the other 50% of my speech, which is made entirely of quotes from that movie. But look what happened to the cook!

PC: Elder Hutchins.
PC: HD Booty.
Good news. General Conference is finally upon us. Which means I'm spending 10h this week listening to old men and women talk about Jesus. Is there a better way? The church is freaking true. The biggest messages I've gotten out of it so far have involved the way I treat others. Which will soon be improving, we hope.

PC: IsaTurtle.
PC: Shennsley.
The other good news is that our family painting competition deadline has passed. And I finished just in time. Literally. Reqs: must include sunflower, be outside.

PC: Combo H/N.