Sunday, November 12, 2017

Trip Highlight 6/792

Ten hour days aren't so bad. Actually, they seem the same length as a normal day until about 3 o'clock on Thursday when reality hits. But I had to make up a lot of hours for the day I'd be missing Friday.

Rod's Institute classes are always superb. He said first dates should be max 1h/$4. And I agreed - and then realized that I would probably still say no to quite a few...

Try the "Buttery Nipple" shot. 
Cen and I went out for drinks at Booty's - a Hutchins restaurant (by name only) if I've ever seen one. The drinks were subpar, but the company was good, so no complaints really.

Thursday, I drove my fruit basket home and picked up Autumn to get to the airport. I flew all night via Denver to Charlotte, NC, where I arrived at 3:30 my time. I picked up my rental Jeep (which is outlandishly expensive because I'm underage) and drove the two hours to High Point University.
One of the gates separating this haven from the sketch town.
There were about 15-20 other kids interviewing and we all arrived about the same time to a large room with tables and name tags. Naturally, I felt way more comfortable sitting with the teachers. We sat and chatted and teased one about her scandalous SC knowledge. It was nice.

They have super nice, state-of-the-art research/clinic/classroom facilities. And they come from an athletics base, which is ideal. The campus is beautiful (aside from the creepy 20-ft nutcrackers everywhere) and there are tons of stuff students can get for free - printing, arcade access, movies, etc.

Trev would love this.
I just don't know how I feel about it yet.

My actual interview were pretty good since I had already spoken to the professors. It ended up being more of a question/answer session for me.

Afterwards, I dropped off my rental and met up with Sam Boyd, my old apprentice from HS. I love her because she hates people, lives in isolation with her dog, teaches P.E., and is super nice.

Trip Highlights:

Indian Trail welcomes you!

  • A giant straw man. 
  • FB stalking and reminiscing.
  • Best fries. 
  • Bojangles chicken, spiced fries, and cheer wine. 
  • Wingate basketball and a drippy tower thing. 
  • We both still have our LHS mugs.
  • Saved from Death Row.
  • Geno.
  • Losing bowling, soccer, track, and ping pong - but not by much.
  • The "fun" room.
  • The Russian chicken toy. 
  • I need more colors and denser trees. 
  • Trees.
  • Watching Hook. And Lemonade Mouth - which I was wayy into.
    The Virginia Slice.
  • Pizza the size of my face. 
  • And French pastries. 
  • Chocolate shakes. 
  • Tyson chicken factory
  • Nugs, not drugs. 
Sam Boyd, herself. 
I flew back early Sunday and went straight to church, where everyone made fun of me for wearing a jersey. At least I was there. And I actually played a game at Bo Jale's cookie night - "Gossip" where you make up outlandish lies about people.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Here for the Boos

(Un)fortunately, no takers.
The Stake put on a Halloween Carnival. Which ended up being a great time to just mingle - naturally, I talked to Rod and his wife almost the entire time. And crushing some kid in musical chairs.

 Tuesday was actual Halloween, so the whole gang dressed up as the Seven Dwarves, with Shea's daughter Isla as our Snow White. Classy kids.

Day time haunts.
I went trick or treating in a few friends neighborhoods, including Tom (and his whole Bible class, who were all waiting for me) and Peter (who didn't know I was actually coming).

Then I hung out with some kids back in my adult costume (which was actually much less scandalous than the bright blue tights of my childish one).

Institute, getting crunk. And by that,
I mean being responsible adults of course.
Wednesday turned into a girls night with Autumn, Payton, Cenita, and Addison. We had nachos, piña coladas, and watched New Girl. Note to all: Goya cream of coconut is available by pre-order only. 

I had a nice, long chat with Bryan before his impending move to Utah. Then he misled me, or rather, I misled myself, on the way to his farewell party. Still made it, just fashionably late.

RIP White House. 

I basically spent all day at work on Friday- early morning at the clinic, to personal training with Peter, to CCV Stars at night (my last). It was a long day, I was tired, and after this week, done with personal contact. I checked out for a bit.

Saturday was ideal. I slept in, took care of a few chores while watching Stranger Things II. Then I hit up the temple, calling my favorite human, Kenneth Gordon Hutchins en route. [The man who found a soap bear I carved for him almost 15 years ago.] I borrowed Bart's keys to shoot some hoops. I did some shopping and made myself a bomb-a smoothie and some more bread while talking to the fam.

The comeback.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I Want to Be A Splendid Ninja

Made this bread last Sunday. I'm thinking about making it a habit. It was mad good - and at some point I want to make it into sandwiches and French toast.

Bread of Life.
I skipped FHE, but brought Joe a pumpkin. I did go to Institute with Hot Rod - whose birthday it was - so I brought him a shake from Sonic.
Rod: I'm not getting any thinner...Me: Or younger. HBD, guy.
The new Atlantis Grail book came out on Apple Books. Bought it, read it. Can't wait for the next one. There was a bit too much romance for my taste, but the story is good.

Where dec pokés at? Pokémon Go me.
I got needled this week. It's like acupuncture with needles that go down to the bone and are twisted and repeatedly "pecked" against it. Then you hook up a stim unit and electrocute yourself through the needles.

Only five more needles left to stick.
There were no real injuries Friday night at the Stars games! It was nice. Annnddddd I got a free lemonade. Jackpot.

Then I went to Alex's birthday party, ate some snacks, rapped with helium, and sat by a fire. I chatted with Cen and Kaleb for a bit chez-eux.

And this appeared on my car on my way out.
No complaints, frankly.
I hit up the temple right quick Saturday morning. Love that place. And then I met some kids for free Chick-fil-Bae.

This was all free. Holla back. #moochlife
I skyped the fam and some old friends and caught up on life. It was nice. Even if we're all crazy chumps. Then I got ready for Halloween, Part I/III. If you've ever seen the hit anime series, Naruto, then you'll recognize the blue version of Rock Lee. (I swear this morph suit was green online.)

My motto is to be stronger than yesterday.
If I have to, I'll be stronger than half a day
ago, even a minute ago!
First, I hit up a family party with Kaleb, Autumn, and Matt. We ate out of delicious bread bowls. And had dry ice root beer. And snuck out for a bit to hit up the Trunk or Treat half a block away. Where we were assaulted by a gang of fourth graders. (We won.)

I work hard and never give up! That is my gift,
my ninja way!
 Then Kaleb and I left to go to a dance party nearer chez-nous. It was sub par, but there was a hilariously creepy clown whose dance moves were absolutely mesmerizing. Also the deejay was a joker. And my guy Sam dressed up as Steve Irwin - classic.

I want to show that I can be a splendid ninja even if
I do not have ninjutsu or genjutsu!
 Then we went to my place to watch Jumanji - a classic. And I started watching Stranger Things 2, and this morning, it's The Scarlet Pimpernel. A lot of movies this week.