Monday, May 2, 2016

Shennsley Joins the Fam

I worked as a substitute for Christina again. I'm still concerned at how easy it was to get into that school. And at how little Caden is pushed. Just because he's small and difficult doesn't mean you let him win at Junior Monopoly.

Chief of Police? Or Chief of the dance floor?
I went to the Provo City temple and outlasted everyone in the Celestial Room. I could have sat there longer.
Papa Bear's my guy. We didn't even get reprimanded once in the temple.
I drug tested for my Pfizer employment. The guy showed me the bathroom and said Fill up the cup to the line, and don't flush the toilet. Well, I got one outta two.

Welcome to the fam, Shennsley.
Lauren (AT) and I caught up over Costa Vida. She dropped out of the program and is living the dream.

Lauren Bellon is memorizing the Nations of the World song. Lauren Rigby let me eat her cookies and interpreted the nature of my ego, future spouse, and family via how I picture a box, horse, and ladder.

Laurens are my favorite.
Christina really came to the rescue by driving me up to SLC so I could spend the night with Wheeler and Dee. As promised, we made art by smashing paint-filled balloons onto canvases. We also enjoyed French cuisine and Harry Potter.

In the morning, Wheeler and I ate plunderschnecke as we took a turn about the city. Cities are nice. So is Wheeler. He's one of the 'normals'.

We liked this bear.
I met Ben and Hannah at the airport. Hannah forgot her government ID so she had to pass special screening. Which showed she had radioactive material on her hands. She eventually got through. Which was good, because we saw the most attractive man ever on the plane.

Ready for UnoForDayyyyss.
We drove through the humid and heavily-trafficked streets of Houston, TX to get to the Hennsley's house for a BBQ. We met the family (gaining Uncle Steve's approval) and the bridal party. Hannah opened my eyes to White Chicks and we kept calling everyone "White Chocolate" for the rest of the weekend.
Party Table.
After setting up the reception hall and getting ready, we went to the temple for the wedding of the century. It was well done. Dad only cried a little.

Next time we get together will be in ten years when someone else gets married.
We got a quick shake snack and headed to the reception, where we copied Derek's infamous dance move and learned a new one from Greg.

Whataburger does it right.
Saturday we basically packed and headed to the airport. We ate killer nachos with Greg and some pilots. Then we slept. Then we boarded. And slept. And I wrote a screenplay. We got home by 3.

Photocred: Funcle Aaron. Hoods up, playas.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


This week has been simultaneously crazy busy and not at all. My last final was over by 11:45 on Monday. I went to clinicals just to help out and turn in my keys, only then realizing that one of the keys was missing from my wallet. Having several previous instances where essentially nonstop praying and searching has eventually led me to find misplaced items, I wasn't too concerned. In need of a reunion before "Naomi goes to Connecticut, Chels might be going to England, and Lauren might die", the squad congregated at Ho'o's place for some revelations, cookies, and Hand and Foot (obv). The least shocking revelations to me included the fact that Lauren B plays the flute and Mandy has secretly been married for two months.

Lauren and I are still reigning champs at Hand and Foot.
Tuesday morning was spent with Greg and Derek at the old Provo temple. I love the temple and I love them. I love that we can always laugh, regardless of the subject of conversation. It is a delight and a joy to me. Although not to the female temple workers. I don't know if I've been to the Provo temple yet without being reprimanded for something. I cling to the notion that laughing and enthusiasm will not only be accepted, but encouraged in the Kingdom of God. And what a glorious place that must be!
There goes the RS budget. You're welcome.
Wednesday. I ran to the Student Health Center to get clearance to play sports. Irony. The nurse made a point of telling me that I didn't smell too bad. Thanks...? Afterwards, I prepared for our RS BBQ. Basically our president informed me on Sunday that we had $110 of our budget leftover that we needed to spend. No problemo. An hour after the BBQ was waffle night. I just can't say no to free food.

I was happy. Said all attendees.
Thursday was move-out day. In between everything else all week, I'd been packing and donating things to D.I. and returning things to friends and worrying somewhere deep in the recesses of emotion about where I would store everything and then live until I could fly home. Also where that key was. I sorted it out by moving most of my stuff into the basement of the blue house, next to the yellow house I'll be living in during the fall. One of my future roommates went home for a week, so I'm crashing in her conveniently vacant room. 

All of my possessions,
minus one suitcase and a backpack. 
Friday, I was talked into an early morning hike. Like 3am early. After staying up late to clean, this wasn't my favorite idea. Plus I hate hiking. Go figure. But I did the 6 miles with minimal complaints and maximal stumbling into bushes. It was lovely and serene at the top and I quite enjoyed that. 

Ryan on the left, Brandon on my right, and the three girls are
all named after countries: Belgiqua, Italia, Francia. 
I made it back to Provo in time to cover Christina's shift at her work. She helps a boisterous and strong-willed 9-year-old that his teachers can't handle in conjunction with all their other students. I convinced him to do 3 worksheets in exchange for playing Monopoly for the rest of the day. Then I showered and slept for an eternity.

Saturday I played catch-up with Rachel May for a bit. Then Lauren and I went to ImprovBroadway because I got a free ticket. It was quite enjoyable and I, as always, was impressed at their ability to think on the spot. They're kind of different because they do a lot of musicals. 

They started with a musical about doing an animal puzzle in which a man refused to give back the puzzle's final piece unless the puzzler agreed to become the man's slave. The wife, by association was also a slave, as well as their unborn child. But, in an unforeseeable plot twist, the doctor had removed a piece of the baby and refused to give it back unless the slave owner released his servants. 

There was also a rap play about a husband who always gets his wife the wrong thing and finally agrees to let her get a puppy. But then every puppy store they go to is owned by the same creepy man and they even try to go to Canada to get a puppy, but he's there too. To finish up, the improv group did renditions of "Brozen" in ye olde Shakespearean english and Fatladdin, again, Broadway style. The best parts are when the actors just make fun of each other and themselves. 
Update on my green thumb.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Condescending Con Descending

You are only as good as the quantity of free stuff you get. If that was true, I'd be golden. When Kevin visited, he complained that it seemed like Derek and Greg had girls constantly supplying them with food. Then he starved for four days. Meanwhile, if there's ever a point where you have too much free food, I'm at it. (Still not sure the point exists, however.)
Monday was my last day of class and my final exam in 'Injury Evaluation of the Upper Extremity'. Tuesday was everyone else's last day of class and my class and clinical finals in Anatomy. Half of my other classes ended ages ago, leaving me with only three exams during finals week.
Reading day 1. I made half the study guide for Ex Phys. The fam started a group FB chat where we shared funny memes until Hannah pulled up the old meme of Moriah that we made at Christmas and some ridiculous pics of Kevin. Then all the archives were opened for some hilarious flashback meme creations. Unfortunately for all others, I am the only one with archival access. Suckers.
After clinicals, we finally had our "Concussion and Chill" sesh with Aaron, our teacher. We ordered pizza and brought soda and all the fixing for S'mores and Starbursts. Then we all piled into his theater room and got really comfortable for the movie Concussion, where Will Smith does a dang good Nigerian accent. I left with a pizza and half, a 2L bottle of pink lemonade, a bag of starbursts, the equivalent weight of my head in chocolate.
Reading Day 2. Aka my birthday. I went to a review session with unlimited donuts, bagels, OJ, and chocolate milk. It was delightful. Then I finished the study guide for Ex Phys. I went to clinicals. Then I took Christina, my lovely roommate, to the senior send-off AT party. Where we had unlimited make-your-own tacos with drinks and desserts and Cafe Rio sauce. I was surprised to see Draper, Davidson (Ex Phys teacher), and Steve (football AT) there. It was nice because I got to talk to Draper about a potential research idea, Davidson about the upcoming exam, and initiate my relationship with Steve. Where I hugged him and told him he'd be lucky if I was the guest speaker. Emarie visited later with a large basket of treats, in addition to the large muffins my VTs brought over.
Friday I took both of my unscheduled finals and still made it out in time for the varsity soccer games. Where some kid got clotheslined, two kids fractured skulls, another got punched, several sprained ankles, and a few almost-fights. What an exciting game, although a little rough. But we are the #1 team in the state, so we can expect some violence.
Saturday I studied for my last exam, scheduled for Monday. It was rough. I am just done. I packed up just a little because it's already stressing me out. Then Christina, Derek, and I went up to Park City, where Mal has a time share at a resort. We spent a good couple of hours talking to Collin and his wife about traveling, robots taking over the world, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then I showered.
How I feel right now.