Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why So Serious?

Funny anecdote from last week- Mom, Derek, Lauren, and I went to eat at Cafe Rio because Mom has never experienced it. When we finally got up near the register, the guy in front of us kept asking for all these extra things on the side. An employee from the back tossed up a small container of jalape├▒os for him, but he missed and it landed (and exploded) on my leg. And that's how I got a free meal.
We had back-to-back water polo games this week and were so good that our ranking was brought into question. I'm fairly confident that we will win the tournament and completely confident we would NOT win in a higher division. I also know our team would win Most Improved, if such an award existed.
Totes the best hun-cal fro-yo in Provo. 
BYU's display for STEM Fest

I had two interview this week-Y-Serve Videographer (again) and Peer Mentoring. I had to volunteer for 8 hours at the same place for one of my classes so I helped out at STEM Fest. It's a conglomeration of companies and divisions in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math that present at little stations and do cool activities. I got to help field-tripping kids off the bus and around AND I got a couple of t-shirts. My roommate, Jesse, got her dream internship so we celebrated with frozen yogurt. I passed my driving test and will soon have a Utah license. And I read some more of Tad R. Callister's book on the Atonement. I got in the newspaper for saying I wanted BYU to let men grow beards and give us a day off in March (although they cut the last part out). My best friend Lauren and I did genealogy:

I went to an 80s dance with my roommates and just wore my normal clothes:

I worked on my sequel film, with the help of my bishop and several men:
My acting career is also taking off, with special appearances in the following films:

I got to go to Conference for Women in Salt Lake, with my lovely MTC companion, Emarie Swenson. Revelation flowed freely. Conversation was not lacking. And our waiter, Jace, was delightful and only slightly disappointed that we lived in Provo instead of SLC. Sorry, man. Soeur Swenson and I are excited to live together.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Highly Recommended

All of last week was spent studying for my tests this week. I took Physics on Monday. It could have gone better. Microbiology and Finance both went surprisingly well. After turning in applications for Peer Mentoring, Athletic Training, and Y-Serve Videographer, I am taking a mental break before hitting the grinds again. The most stressful part of the applications was getting all the documents ready. But everyone was really helpful. Chris made his own box labeled "Most Highly Recommended" because apparently "Highly Recommend" wasn't high enough; Darryl whipped out his LOR in a day; and the secretary at Y-Serve personally called me as soon as the videography position was officially posted and asked me to send her my resume.
Monday night, I skipped FHE and a group date to have my own FOE (Family OUT Evening) with my mother, my brother, and my best friend. At Cafe Rio. Tuesday night was the big water polo game and we came to play, winning by 30. Wednesday I visited the Microbiology Career Symposium during my work break. I got an easy 20 points extra credit, a cookie, and I ran into the Family Carter for a few minutes before going back to work. And came out of it with tickets to BYU's Winter's Tale. So Thursday was spent watching my old mission companion play the accordion and enjoying some Shakespeare.
I also got a free Chic-Fil-A meal on Thursday for going to BYUSA at the right time. Thank you, Koa, for the heads up text. As we were separating to our classes, yelling our last funny remarks, a delightful random guy joined in. He was so nice I almost gave him my food. Almost.
And Friday. My first relaxing Friday in a long time. Dr. Lee, my French prof, said I could hang with his wife who does set designing for a living. I walked all the way to the DMV only to find out that the DMV in each town only has one function. I need to go to Orem. We had a soccer game that we lost. And our goalie and best player are both out for the rest of the season, so we're done pretty much. Then Lauren and I slaughtered at Hand & Foot. Per usual. We are the best team. And I'm glad Lauren Rigby gave up such a tempting offer as David Monson to join us. Quote of the evening:
Lauren: Most men get fat after they get married. Roommate: It's because they actually eat now that they have wives to make them food! Me: Well my husband's gonna be real skinny. Welcome to Cereal Land, sucka.
82 and the Whisk's Assassin
Coming Soon 
Saturday I slept in real late. And by that I mean 9am. I did some HW and went to the temple with Cam. We also enjoyed In and Out and he promised to help me technify some hymns sometime. Slowly, I am accomplishing my life goals. If only they weren't so varied. It was enjoyable. As was the lemon pie that I ate for dessert (thanks mom.) Then we invited over some friends and started filming. Haunting in 82, part 2 (a.k.a. 82 and the Whisk's Assassin) is in progress. Eager as always to work on a project, I've already edited what I could.
Rounded the night off by heading to the Ward Talent Show. And there was some real talent. My favorite acts came at the end of the night. The first was a skit about a couple getting ready for and going on a date. But the head/arms/feet were all played by different people and it was a beautiful mess. The second was Daniel Rellaford impersonating singers such as Frank Sinatra, Brittney Spears, David Bowie, Nickelback, Elvis, and more while singing crowd-chosen Disney songs. It was a hit.
Suicide Rant: I don't get why people take their own life. I mean, just go to any hotel, Holiday Inn has a whole distributor for Life. And just because you see other people enjoying Life, doesn't mean you can't. There's plenty of Life to go around. And if you're feeling low, just find a nice woman to fill up your Life. I like to put my bowl of Life in the middle of the table. I mean, who wants Life on the edge? -Tony

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Muffed It.

I got to see Miken, Husband, and Brittney this week. Old friends reunited once again. Gave me flashbacks to the times I used to play church ball while eating a banana and wearing a puff painted wolf t-shirt for a different ward.
Remember that movie my roommates made for ward prayer? Well, there’s going to be a part II. Coming soon to a theater near you.  Just like indoor plumbing—it’s gonna be big. (Our bishop even agreed to a cameo.)
After a long day of school, work, and testing center on Wednesday, I stopped by the French Club’s fair where various francophone provinces were represented by knowledgeable people and food. I had some really delicious ├ęclairs and learned some of Mali’s native language.
Thursday included a trip to the doctors. Just for a physical, but my roommates filled their morning by recounting a multitude of terrible doctor experiences. But the guy was chill and I got some candy out of it, as well as a significant portion of my AT application completed. And after watching the track practice Friday, all my hours are done! After school, I ran over to our soccer game. During which I kicked the ball three times and realized how bad I am at soccer. Our team is impressive. Afterwards I got to help Sam, my visiting teachee prepare to fly to California to go through the temple. 
Pi Pie Pie. (The second one's pizza).
Friday I brought my French paper in to the writing lab and got it destroyed. I also got my French test back, on which I was, surprisingly, not destroyed. I did mention that we should be able to get back points for witty comments, to which my professor wholeheartedly agreed. Too bad he doesn’t grade the test. He would have understood my definition for cash drawer: place to look in a store if you are a robber. Luckily, he did grade the essays, so my snide comments were appreciated there. Sarah Whitcomb got her mission call to San Diego, California. 
Derek, Naomi, Hannah, Michaela, Brooklyn, Avery, Cormac...and more
Mom flew out this weekend. It’s funny being together with her, Derek, and Hannah. We think the same jokes and so we were jinxing each other left and right all weekend (and being generally loud and obnoxious).  We tried to reign it in, but you can only dam it up for so long. Saturday we went to the Ogden temple together while the rest of the family went to the Airforce Museum down the road. Grannie B made a delicious raspberry salad to add to our pizza pies and normal pies and physics. Pi Day. All day.  Followed by a pig pile (oldest to youngest, not heaviest to lightest) and Derek and I were crushed as soon as Hannah got on. We already couldn’t breathe and at one point I thought Derek might actually be dead. One cracked rib and several crushed lungs later, we left Grannie B’s house, bringing the chaos with us. Now if we can just get Derek to finish school before he drops out, grows a beard, and moves to California, we'll call it good.
Sitting on Papa Bear's lap. Just like the good old days.